Thursday, March 15, 2007


I went to see the doctor today..

During the cruise I had some spotting. It lasted for 2 days. I have heard from other mothers and I have read that this is completely normal, but it's still scary. I decided to call the doctors office yesterday and they said that I should come in the following morning (today). That kind of made me worry a little bit more.. it made it sound really urgent.

When I got there, they took my blood and the doctor felt around on my belly to see if my uterus was growing at all. She said my uterus was definitely enlarged and that it was a good sign. She decided to do a sonogram just to be sure.

The sonogram was amazing! I saw the baby's yolk sac, the tiny little umbilical cord, and finally as she moved further across, the baby and it's tiny little heart beat.

John was in the room for the sonogram too. He just about started to cry. We both got a printout of the image and John immediately stuck it in his wallet on top of our wedding photo. He's so cute.

Oh, when we first walked in, John says "Hi. I'm here to find out why my belly is getting so big." He is a joker and thought he could make the receptionist laugh. She responds with "When was your last period?" John was speechless. I think that was the first time that had ever happened!

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Mama said...

Awesome picture......I see arm buds and leg buds! No other little buds though!! Hmmmm....
Love you lots!