Monday, March 12, 2007

Back from the cruise!!

Well, we are back from our cruise!! We had a fantastic time. The picture I have posted is OBVIOUSLY from our first day on the beach, cuz for sure our tans are as dark as a native islanders now. Right?

As you can see, my tummy is still (mostly) flat. In other words, it hasn't changed yet. My clothes are still fitting pretty normally, and I actually lost a half a pound on the cruise. I assume it's from all the walking we did and all the fruit I ate all week. They did not have enough watermelon. Do I hear a craving coming on?

Speaking of cravings.. after I got off work today my mouth was really watering for a charbroiled burger. To be specific, a Famous Star from Carl's Jr. The slight problem is... there are no Carl's Jr.'s in this part of the country! Let me tell you how sweet my adorable husband is. When I got home he had already looked up the closest Hardee's (which is the same thing.. same star logo and everything). It was a 45 minute drive away but he hopped in the car and drove me there anyway! Yay!! So we get to the drive through and I don't see "Famous Star" on the menu.. I asked John to pull around so we could get out and double check the menu inside the restaurant, because surely that would be different, hmm? It wasn't. They had never heard of a Famous Star. I got the next best thing though, a 1/3 pound classic burger. I promised John the next time I was craving something charbroiled I would just go lick the bar-b-que.

I have started to feel queasy almost full time now. I was hoping it was just sea-sickness, but it hasn't gone away. I am worried I am going to start gagging soon. Just typing gag is making me about gag. I don't want to start throwing up. I hate it!! It makes me cry and shake. Maybe pregnant throwing up is better than flu throwing up. Maybe it is fun and exciting and I will cheer when I am done. Yes? John wonders how one can feel gaggy and hungry at the same time.

I am also looking forward to purchasing maternity clothes. I am going to buy the most comfy maternity clothes that was ever made. It will be like walking around in pajamas ALL DAY LONG!!! Is there anything better than that? Besides watermelon?

P.S. Thank you to everyone who is leaving me comments. I looooooooove reading them!! XOXO!


Mama said...

E-gads! I had to wear my sunglasses to read this one!! "Something" was VERY bright! :-) Love you!

Mama said...

Did you say you feel a watermelon craving coming on?? OH MY GOSH! This is too strange! I had a watermelon craving when I was pregnant with you!! What a ko-ink-e-dink!! Only, when I had MY craving, it was February and there wasn't a watermelon to be found. The mad search began, finally finding one the size of a grapefruit! We nearly passed out when we discovered that the cost was nearly a king's ransom! But it was the BEST watermelon EVER (not so much taste, but it satisfied the craving)!

Chris Balogh said...

Bianka and John, Just spent part of my lunch hour getting caught up on your recent cruise, new job and baby news. I must tell you, when your mom and all of us girlfriends were having babies, sonograms weren't done. Count yourself blessed and fortunate that you will bring a new life into this world with all the best modern technological advances available. You will make spectacular parents and I love your enthusiasm. Thanks for allowing us to take part in your growing belly. Side note: This is the first time I have attempted to blog. Hopefully you receive it.