Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sleepy Zzzz..

I have been putting off writing something new.. I have been very sleepy. I started a new job on Monday. It's training and I hate training. Especially when I have experience. I learn best by just DOING. Nothing that I hear or read during training is going to make any sense to me until I actually use these lessons practically. Oh well. Sunday we leave for our cruise.

Can you imagine? 3 days before I started my new job I found out I was pregnant. "Hi. I'm new. May I have 3 months off now to have a baby?" That's going to go over well with the new co-workers. I know how dispatchers can be! They are possibly going to say very nasty things about that. I will just have to be nice to everyone so they like me.

No matter what time I go to bed (9pm, midnight..) I have been waking up at 5:30am all week long. My alarm is set for 6. I thought it was maybe because I had to pee, so last night I didn't drink water before I went to bed. I woke up at 5:30 this morning again. Is that a pregnancy thing?

My boobs are still getting a teensy bit bigger. John is noticing now. They are also starting to get a little sore. Like PMS sore. I am getting little pimples on my chest and shoulders and jaw. Not many, maybe only like 5 or 10 total.. I am sure it is all pregnancy related.

I want to take a "belly picture" before I actually start growing a belly so we can record my belly growth from beginning to end. I'll make sure to post that as soon as we take care of that.

Prediction of the day: Boy or girl? :)

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Mama said...

You think you gotta pee a lot now?????? Just wait til the baby starts pushing on your bladder!! Love you lots!!