Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today I got a speeding ticket, and it really, really sucks. Let me tell you why. It doesn't suck because I will have a point on my driving record. It doesn't even suck because I have to go to traffic school. Oh, no. It sucks because with this speeding ticket I have lost my power. You see, my husband has a terribly heavy lead foot, and it is my favorite passenger seat past time to scold him a hundred times a car trip to slow down. After I told him about my ticket (4 hours later) he took GREAT pleasure in quoting me and scolding me with my own words.. "a ticket is not something we need to be paying for right now" and "a hike in our insurance rate would be terribly inconvenient so slow down". Grr!!

Anyway, our carseat-stroller travel system arrived yesterday. We were both quite excited about that! John took over assembling the stroller while I figured out the ins and outs of the car seat part. I grabbed a teddy bear and strapped it into the car seat. Once John got the stroller assembled we clamped them both together and off John went! He made several laps around the kitchen and dining room. He even wanted to have a contest. Whoever could strap in the "baby", make 3 laps, unstrap the "baby", then collapse the stroller with one hand the fastest was the winner. I told him he could go first. When he was done I declared myself the winner by default because he didn't support the "baby's" head. The whole scene was quite adorable and funny and I couldn't stop laughing. John is SO excited for the baby to get here!

My laptop crashed a couple of days ago. I am scared that I am going to learn a very costly lesson.. PLEASE back up your pictures right after you are done reading this! I have all my pictures saved on that laptop, and if they can't be recovered then they are lost forever. I never took the time to put them on a disk or a thumb drive or upload them to the internet. That means lots of belly pictures, vacation pictures, honeymoon pictures.. Oh I hope they can be saved! So ya, please do something to back up your precious pictures if you don't already do so!

I'm going to have John take a belly picture of me right now. Please stand by..

Ok here it is! This is me, 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Boris ran through the frame right as John snapped the picture. I decided to go ahead and use it so you can see that we do indeed have a live cat and we haven't just made him up.

I went back to yoga today for the first time in 6 weeks. I wasn't able to go because the classes for the birth center were on Tuesday nights as well. I felt soooooo good afterwards. It was nice to get back in there and move and stretch and see a few of my old friends. There are lots of new faces in the class and most of the people I went to class with over the summer are no longer attending because they had their babies!! Maybe they moved on to the mommy and me yoga class. Speaking of the birth center classes, one of the couples from our class had their baby last night. It was 10 and a half pounds!!! She got there at 9pm and the baby was born at 6am. Guess what? She didn't receive an episiotomy and didn't tear at all. Thank goodness for the perineal massage and other techniques the midwives advocate so much. I'm not going to explain what perineal massage is in my blog.. you can look that one up yourself on the internet. :)

It's 2am, I'm off to bed now. I haven't been up this late in a while, which is very surprising if you know me. Usually I'm up for another 2 or 3 hours! I'm what most people call nocturnal. I blame it on my prior work shift habits. Goodnight!


Mama said...

You look so very cute with your rosy cheeks! Love you lots and see you soon! :)

JennAnn said...

LOVE IT!!! Stroller races are SOOO CUTE!!!You look very pregnant now which means Madeline will be here soon-YAY!

Hopefully the little tech guys can recover your pictures - at least you will have your blog and MySpace pictures, but I hope they can save them all!

karinski said...

haha. that was a funny one. The teddy bear looks so cute in there. I cant wait to see a picture of the bean utilizing her car seat.

JennAnn said...

Willard is surprised that any officer would give a speeding ticket to you since you are so very pregnant. That's almost as bad as when my grandma got a ticket on the way to church on Mother's Day!

Vivonne said... that the print you ended up picking?!? Yay!!!

Husband! said...

Ya I don't see how any cop could give such a beautiful pregnant woman a speeding ticket! Cops are retarded!
However Bianka has apparently forgotten how to name drop since she left Cali. Oh well, like she said, she can't yell at me anymore. It's so wonderful. I drive fast on purpose now! Yay for speed!!!!

Mama said...

Just be careful after that precious cargo is in the car.....better slow down then or I will have the police after YOU! :)