Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes..

I had a regular appointment at the birth center today. I told the midwife I have been having the strangest sensation.. that it sometimes feels like there is a rock stuck "up there". I asked if perhaps the baby was checking to see if it was warm enough to come out.

She did an exam and determined that the baby is at "negative one station". She summed this up as meaning that the baby is really far down. Zero station would mean that the baby's head is aligned with my pelvic bones and at my cervix.. so right now she is a smidge above that and in labor ready position. Sometimes women in labor are already at -1 station, so maybe I am ahead of the game and baby will have a shorter distance to travel come birth time!

9 days until my official due date. 16 days until the sonogram due date. How about leaving some predictions? One meeeeelion dollars to the winner!


JennAnn said...

Halloween baby since it's your favorite holiday! Otherwise, I'm a big fan of birthdays on the 3rd of any month.

Mama said...

Baby is NOT allowed to show up before we get there, so November 9 it is! No jumping jacks allowed, only bed rest. Having your bed next to the refrigerator means you don't have to get up for much, except to go to the restroom. But didn't you say you already got a bunch of diapers??!!? Love you lots!

Husband! said...

I say November 5th just because I've got a hunch! How much is a meeeeeellion dollars anyway!?!

Mama said...

Hey! Who said husband was allowed to play?? You can make that baby come on the 5th by making Bianka mow the lawn again! No fair!

Nadine said...

Hello you soon to be parents!! I am sure the baby will be well worth the wait. I can't wait to hear that she is finally here and I look forward to seeing some pictures.