Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Madeline!!!

So the rest of last night went pretty smooth. After Madeline basically sucked the life out of Bianka's breast she curled up on my chest and fell asleep. It made me very happy. Around 5:45 in the morning Maddie woke up and complained for about 10 minutes and then fell back asleep between Momma and I.

When I woke up around 10:30 this morning, Maddie was wide awake laying on her back just kinda looking around the room. Momma was just laying there on her side staring at the baby with that adoring loving look in her eye. The baby and I (daddy) slept very well but Momma didn't. She's not feeling too well physically. She says she feels like she got kicked in the groin. Poor Momma.

Once we woke up we went out on to the back porch we're little Maddie slept on Momma's chest for about a half an hour and then I took her and let her sleep on my chest for about an hour. At 11:30am we celebrated Maddie's 12 hour birthday! Yay!!! And at pretty much that same moment Maddie thought it would be a good idea to throw up on herself. So now that Maddie had throw up all over her Momma thought it would be a good idea to hand the baby to Grandma! :)


Jenn Ann said...

Isn't that what Grandmas are for? :)

Glad you got some sleep and that Omi and Opa are there to help out until Bianka is feeling better!

ToFishTeacher said...

Congratulations and welcome to "family" status! Today is my brother's middle daughter Kira's 8th birthday, too! And she is one of the sweetest little girls ever so I predict the same for little Maddie!

Wow you can really see the resemblance to John! But Bianka, I'll tell you that Dominic came out looking like mini-Eddie and as he is changing before our very eyes, I am starting to see just a teeny bit of myself in his smile.

Bianka, do you have a sitz bath? That did wonders for me and now I'm good as new! I'm sure you'll be 100% in no time.