Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a week!

My parents (Maddie's grandparents) flew in on the 5th to visit us from California for a week. We all had a fantastic time! My parents haven't seen Maddie and I since Christmas, and John since November when they were here for Maddie's birth.

On Friday we all went to the Plant City Florida Strawberry Festival. We ate lots of super unhealthy foods, watched the pig races and a cow show (much like a dog show, only with cows), and bought shirts, souvenirs, and a flat of tasty strawberries. Let me tell you, going to an event like this in the sticks of Florida is much different than going to the Orange County (California) fair. Instead of dumb teenagers in short skirts or baggy pants, you see people in their overalls, boots, and straw hats. Many with no teeth! And everyone is sooooo nice and friendly! John carried Maddie in the Baby Bjorn and he loved it. He played with her toes the whole time. Maddie fell asleep at one point and John didn't pass a single woman or man who didn't say "aww!"

On Saturday we went to the mall and visited a Piercing Pagoda. We were going to have Maddie's ears pierced! I was a bit skeptical about going to the mall to have it done, but her doctor didn't do piercing and recommended the Pagoda. It turns out they are quite professional and know their stuff! Anyhow, I wasn't too worried about Maddie's reaction since she had done so well with her shots the week before. BOY OH BOY was I wrong! She screamed her poor little head off! It was more the fact that I had to restrain her head against my chest, so she was already quite worked up by the time they actually poked her ear. I passed her off to her Daddy and she screamed for a few more minutes, then she relaxed and snuggled into his chest for comfort. A few minutes later we found a quiet corner with a spot for me to sit and I nursed her, so she was perfectly content within 5 minutes. Now she has her bling bling! Look at me being brave.. this first picture is when I was still just holding her head, before she really started to scream.

On Monday my Mama and I took Maddie to a different mall to buy her a baptism gown. My mom took it home with her to California (where Maddie is going to be baptised) to sew more sparkles onto the gown. Big deal you say, but she is going to use left over beads from her wedding gown. I think that is a nice touch, very sentimental to have a baptism gown with beads on it from your grandmother's wedding gown!
On Monday night / Tuesday morning, we drove out to Cape Canaveral to watch the space shuttle be launched at 2:30am. I have always wanted to see a launch. It was on my list of things to do before I croak. Some of the others are to see Northern Lights and the Grand Canyon.. anyway, I was worried Maddie was going to be grouchy but she was a peach! She was smiling and cooing the whole time, entertaining all the spectators around us. We sat on a beach about 15 miles away from the island and waited. There was a layer of low clouds so we were a bit worried the launch wasn't going to go, but I guess they are more concerned about stormy weather rather than calm clouds. All of a sudden the whole entire sky lit up. It was as bright as day, no exaggeration. You could look around and see every body's face as clearly as if it were noon. The shuttle was so bright you almost couldn't even look at it directly. We watched it climb slowly at first, then super fast, and then poof! it disappeared into the clouds. You could still see this fantastically bright glow through the clouds moving slowly to the left, slowly fading. And THEN came the sound! It took at least an entire minute for the roar of the rockets to reach our ears. 5 hours of driving there and back for a 30 second show, but you know what? It was soooo worth it. It was up there with some of the most awesome amazing things I have ever seen in my life.. it nearly moved me to tears.

The rest of the week was spent playing with the baby and just spending time together. They left last night and I miss them already! I can't wait until May when we will see each other again!
Here are some more pictures from the week. Enjoy!

Maddie and her Omi sharing a laugh in the grocery store. Click on the picture to see her face!

Having breakfast on the back porch.

Maddie considering being a police officer when she grows up.

Mama and Omi putting silly dog decorations on Maddie's head.

Maddie trying to be as cute as can be, hoping that Omi and Opa will stay another day.


Jenn Ann said...

Maddie is so darn cute!!!!!!

Jenn Ann said...

Oh and we're going to the Grand Canyon as soon as you move back!

Queen B said...

very cute! My niece just got her ears pierced about a month ago, and it was pretty much the same case for her. Much more screaming/crying than for shots, but all quiet within 5 minutes. I love happy babies :)

Jinjer said...

Awww Maddie is absolutely adorrrrrrrrrrable! I love her pierced lil ears! She is a doll!!!

Ann said...

She is adorable!

Kim Thomas said...

Great pics!

Paula said...

Looks like a great week! She's sooo cute! Love the bling!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

what an adventure

Mama said...

We had tons of fun! Hope to have more soon!
Love you lots and lots!!
Omi and Opa

Unique Gowns said...

Bianka is so precious, love the earings ..... I can tell she loves the attention .... best wishes Dana