Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're moving in!

Our furniture and precious stuff is scheduled to arrive this Saturday!! Too bad the carpet won't be in yet. Our stuff will probably just have to be loaded into the garage.

We had lots of people offering to help us move in. If you are interested in helping, please reply with your phone number or email address or however you want me to contact you, and I will give you our new address and other miscellaneous details.

We will need help this weekend with unloading the truck, then again after the carpet is installed to assemble and move furniture.

Can't wait to see everyone!!
P.S. The baby sitting help slot is already filled in. Sorry. :)


Jenn Ann said...

I can help on Sunday unless you get everything done on Saturday. You know how to get ahold of me. :)

If I miss this opportunity, let me know when the carpet goes in and I'll help with the harder part. Shoving everything into your garage will be the easier part :)

Queen B said...

If I was in the vicinity, I would so be there helping. Best of luck - this is exciting!!!

Jinjer said...

SO happy you are here and moving in. I would help but have a very busy weekend ahead. Hope it goes painless and smooth!!

Sarah B. said...

We will be in Vegas this weekend...but I would love to have your family over for dinner one of these the family kind of thing. Where are you living? We are in of Garfield and Delaware. Good luck with the unpacking and hope it all arrives safely. :)

Kim Thomas said...

I'm in San Francisco. Hope your move goes well.

Ann said...

If I lived closer I would definitely help. I hope it goes smoothly!