Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Madeline knows 5 words!

Dada = pronounced... "Dat-da".

Mama = pronounced "Ba-bah" with a wide open mouth.

Doggie = pronounced like an English person saying daddy.. "dah-dee". The cat is also called a Dah-dee.

Ouch = pronounced "Wow-f" with pursed lips blowing air at the end. She thinks this is what hair pulling is called and says "wowf" right before she makes a grab for a fistful of hair. I have to tell her "No ouch, Maddie!" She understands, and shakes her head no.

Purple = pronounced "Bap-boo". Said randomly throughout the day. This is also what she sometime calls her book "Violet's House". The grapes and the rug and the roof are purple and I point that out to her.

Maddie is aaaallllwwwaaayyyysss babbling. I mean like.. always. Talking while twirling her tongue around her mouth, smacking her lips, whispering, shouting.. I had a feeling she'd be a talker like her Daddy when she started squeaking before she was even completely born. That's right, only her head was out and she was already making noise. As I've said before.. it's a VERY strange thing to hear your vagina crying.

She turned 10 months old yesterday. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. My dad always used to say stuff to me about how time goes faster the older you get. I never understood what he meant. After all, it takes FOREVER for summer break to get here when you're a 3rd grader. I guess when you cherish the time you have, you want it to last forever, and it just goes by way too fast.


Queen B said...

too cute! we need some babbling video on here :)

Kim Thomas said...

It's crazy how fast they grow. Would love to hear the babbling. Over here we are in the screaming stage.

Jenn Ann said...

I need to come see her (and you) before she is speaking in sentences and forgets to learn her next word - Jenn!

Paula said...

Ohhhh, I love this stage!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Just wait until she says her first curse word :(

Jinjer said...

I agree with Queen! We want to see video of your cutie pie!!

Husband Clothes said...

I SO LOVE the baby babble! I'm still oowing and awwing over my 4 year old's words--right now he says "musist" rather than "exist" and "bifferent" rather than "different."

I know I should correct him, but I don't want these little sounds to end..