Sunday, September 7, 2008


Guess who's standing????

Yesterday I opened the drawer in my parents kitchen dedicated to collecting countless plastic bags. Madeline loves to stand there and pull out all the bags. She is so helpful! Anyway, I stood her up next to the drawer which was stuffed to the gills, expecting her to reach forward and hold on to the side of the drawer, when instead she skipped the holding on part and just started pulling out bags! She stood there for about 15 seconds before plopping down on her behind.

Today John, Madeline and I went to a neighborhood picnic where my parents live. There was a ton of kids, bounce houses and a miniature train to ride on! There was a mommy sitting in the grass with a little boy who looked to be about Maddie's age. I held Madeline's hands and stood her in the grass so she could make friends. Once she finally put both of her feet down she walked over to the little boy named Nicholas. John turned on the camera and recorded her first kiss as she leaned forward with a wide open mouth and planted one on his face. It was adorable!

After they looked at each other for about 3 minutes and then lost interest, Madeline started "walking" around. I decided to let go of her hands and see if she would stand up again like she did yesterday. She plopped straight down again, but then was in a quandary because she didn't want to stand but she didn't want to be in the grass either! What to do!! She propped herself on her hands and feet and kind of wobbled there for a second before picking up her hands and ending up in a squat. She slowly started to straighten her legs.. and then was completely standing! Dada got it all on camera too.

You may be thinking.. "Seriously?? A post this long for standing up?" You betcha!! I'm darn proud of my little girl! :)


Anonymous said...

Kissing boys already? Didn't her daddy say she wasn't allowed to have boyfriends yet??
Hooray for standing! It's these milestones that make you proud!
Love you lots!

Jenn Ann said...

YAY Maddie! She's going to be quite the heartbreaker!

Queen B said...

YAY! That's very exciting :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Super cool! Walking is next!

Marla said...

oh my gosh i could go on and on and on about those milestones...make your entries as long as you can...u will forget the details in a few years

Jinjer said...

YAY for Madeline! That's a big step!