Friday, January 2, 2009


Another post by my husband:

Here we go again!

It's been a year and a half since I've had to deal with this in my life. I pretty much completely forgot about this.


And Bianka has to be an extreme case. Everyday it seems to be some other absurd craving. Two weeks ago I had to leave my sleeping child with a friend in the middle of the night to bring her juice at work. That's right! Just juice.

I was on my way to hang out with a friend last week and I was almost to his house when she made me turn around, go to El Pollo Loco, and bring her a couple of chicken wraps with cilantro sauce. Sheesh!

Two or three days ago, it was even worse. Insanity I tell ya! She wanted a turkey sanwich with carrot slices on it. Truly amazing! I was speechless.

And now tonight, she's craving Olive Garden salad. Nothing too crazy about that except my life is in jeopardy until she gets it. As I told her earlier, I have too much to live fore to lose my life over a salad. I've already done my research to find that the nearest Olive Garden is 2.21 miles from our home and they open at 10am. I'll be there at 9:55!


Queen B said...

HAHA! Love it! This is funny :)

Kim Thomas said...

One day when I was a pregnant I really a chocolate milk shake. I wanted it bad enough to drive to three places in an attempt to get it.

That was the only craving I had during the whole pregnancy.


you are a good man jon. nothing further


Husband Clothes said...

I haven't seen too many mom blogs where hubbies post, but it's so neat to read! Very wise of you to put the salad in the proper perspective--definitely better to keep yourself safe and just get the salad (and to do so quickly).

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I craved ice cream sandwiches and tostadas from Taco Bell.

This combination of cravings equaled 76 pound weight gain

Paula said...

With the boys, I didn't really crave much at all. But with Princess, I COULD NOT get enough O'Charley's House Salad and Loaded Baked Potato.

Paula said...

oh except for the one night when I was in the hospital trying to keep Gman in, when I absolutely had to have ice cream. Oh dear Lord did I pay for that with the world's worst indigestion ALL NIGHT long.