Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maddie's 1yr old appointment

Maddie had her one year old appointment with the pediatrician. She was due for her one year old shots. As usual, I wussed out of witnessing that part.

Maddie weighs 22lbs (50th percentile) and is 31 inches tall (95th percentile). Big shocker there.. have you seen how tall her father is? 6'7" for those of you that haven't.

The doctor said Maddie is one of the most tolerant, easy-going one year olds she has ever worked with! Maddie allowed her to peer into her ears, look into her eyes, and check her joints and parts without any protest.

She ALSO said (here is the part where I totally start bragging!!) that Maddie is exceptionally advanced vocabulary wise. Like there was any surprise there either, this child has been talking and singing since she sprung forth from my loins. But seriously, Dr. K was doing some routine tests and she pointed to a mural on the wall to see if Maddie would look in the direction she was pointing. Not only did Maddie whip her head around, but she also saw that the mural was of dalmatian puppies and she declared "Doddies!" The doctor said that the average 1 year old knows just a handful of words like Mama, Dada, and the like, but Maddie is up in the 30 - 40 word range at this point. She asks for things by name rather than by pointing, even for things that are out of sight. She asks for specific books and for specific foods, like apples (appoos) and raisins (woozies). She also says a few words that I haven't figured out the meaning to yet. She repeats them to me but I just don't know what she means. I hope she doesn't get too frustrated with me. :)

For some reason it took her a long time to figure out Mama/Mommy. She would say it when prompted before, but she only recently figured out that it's what I am called. I think that might have to do with the fact that I am always with her, so there isn't much need to call for me. Anyway, she recently started hollering "MommYY! MommYY! MommYY! MommYY!" for the majority of the day. Cute for the time being but I am told I will soon petition to change my name.

Oh! And she also recognizes the letter "O". In her ABC book and on the fridge magnets, she picks out the O and makes her mouth into a cute little shape and says "Ohh".

Speaking of fridge magnets, we have one that is a cat. Maddie picks it off the fridge, hands it to me to stick back on the fridge, she says "Cat! (Dat) Awwww..." and gives the fridge a hug.

Speaking of cats, I have a cat who is about 10 years old now. He is a special kitty. He has never liked company, first of all. He hides and many people, even close family members, have never seen this cat and don't believe he exists. It's like a Bigfoot sighting if you manage to get a glimpse of him. Even with the people that he does know he is super picky about when he allows you to grace yourself with a touch of his fur. Anyway, this cat for some reason let's Maddie totally crawl all over him! He lays flat and lets her smoosh him and dig into his fur and poke his tail and kiss his head. It's so strange but it's so touching!

Sorry for bragging so much. I'm a Mama and I'm so proud of my baby girl! I'm sure the rest of you Mama's understand!! Besides, I am sure soon enough I will be writing about all the crazy hi jinx our family experiences!


Marla said...

How do u like Dr K ? I love her.. I hate the office because it gets busy..She is really nice !

Queen B said...

wow! what a great update :) It's nice to be able to put some sounds to the pics I get to see of her.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

The shots are worse on the mom for sure!

Great news on the smartest kid ever :)

Kim Thomas said...

You should be proud! This is a great update. I can't believe she says so many words. Awesome!

Husband Clothes said...

WOW, what a little genius!!! That's definitely advanced.

Don't you love it when you get to see ways your child stands out? It's such a joy.

The shots though...oh the shots...I recently learned that after kindergarten, you get a few years of relief from shots. So that's good...but kind of a long time to wait.