Sunday, January 18, 2009

Popping. (Not pooping.)

I became 16 weeks pregnant on Friday. I just looked at some old pictures of me at 23 weeks pregnant with Maddie and realized I am already nearly the same size I was at that time! It's no joke that you "pop" much sooner the second time around.

I think I need to start posting some belly pictures again. :)


Queen B said...

can't wait :)

Paula said...

yes, with Al the maternity clothes were donned at 6 months.
With Princess at about 4.5 months
With Gman at 3.5 months

Andrea said...

That is a very interesting phenomena... Perhaps the body really does have a memory and just slides back into the mold quicker.

Good luck!

Holly Kay said...

Yes, it's so true. I'm with Andrea--the body slides back into the mode quicker both during pregnancy, but I think also afterward! I lost the weight back quickest after my 3rd pregnancy (even though I looked 6 months pregnant almost immediately).