Monday, March 16, 2009

5 years..

Five years ago, in March 2004, I went on an awesome trip with my sister. It was a Mississippi River cruise on the famous steamboat called The Mississippi Queen. We were by far two of the 5 only young people on the boat, and by young I mean under 50, aside from the crew. It was an exciting, educational, and fun trip. We saw civil war battle fields and gorgeous historic antebellum homes.

One night the boat docked early in a little town called Natchez, Mississippi, the oldest town on the Mississippi River. After the dinner service the crew invited my sister and I out for a night on the town.. which consisted of visiting a little rinky-dink 200 year old tavern former brothel on the shore of the river called Under The Hill Saloon. It was the night before St. Patrick's day and the drinks were flowing. (Mind you, as a rare drinker, it only took one or two beverages for me to become 'tipsy'.)

I was standing at the bar looking at the bartender, thinking what freakishly large sausage looking fingers he had (could have just been my blurred vision), when this very tall good looking blond guy came up to me, grabbed my right hand, and kissed it. My stomach did a little flip flop at the romantic gesture. I had been noticing this guy during my trip so far mostly because of how tall he was (which I later found out was 6'7"). He was part of the wait staff on the boat. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and talking and laughing.

For the next 3 nights of my trip, after the dinner service, he and I would sneak off together and talk for hours.. I say sneak because this was a five star cruise and the staff was strictly told to not fraternize with the guests. On the last night of the trip we kissed. I was head over heels. This guy was everything I had been looking for in a guy.. funny, witty, romantic, thoughtful.. I could go on and on but I fear I'm already boring you. :) We exchanged phone numbers and returned home to our respective ends of the country. Me to California, he to Florida.

We spent the next few weeks on the phone almost constantly.. literally hours at a time. After a month he moved to California. After 6 months we got engaged. In July 2006 we got married. We had a baby, created another one that's currently on the way.. and I'm the happiest woman alive.

So in a nut shell.. I guess I basically met my husband while drunk at a bar! I love him and my daughter and upcoming son more than life itself. Happy Anniversary, my sweet husband!


KFuj said...

Thanks for sharing this story, I was wondering how you met. I was planning on asking Jenn today too! How crazy that I was thinking and you blogged.

Queen B said...

Happy Anniversary :) March is a great month for celebration!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

happy anniversary!!!

Andrea said...

What a great story!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us all. Congratulations!

karinski said...

barf! jk =)
Yeah, and all those nights of talking you ditched me to leave me with the others. thaaaannnks!