Monday, June 1, 2009


I find it fascinating how babies develop their language skills. Really, how they develop, period. And turn into functioning humans. I mean, how do you really TEACH such concepts as colors and numbers and math? It amazes me. Anyway, back to language. Here is what happened over the past few days that makes me just shake my head in wonder..

Maddie is talking. The other day she was spending the afternoon with my sister. She was playing with 2 plastic bead necklaces and they became tangled. Maddie started shaking them and swinging them around, trying to get them apart. She started to get a little frustrated and my sister, not knowing what the problem was, asked Maddie what was wrong. Maddie held out the necklaces to her and said "open?" The part I find neat is that although she didn't have the words for "please separate these two necklaces for me", she used the word she knew was the closest to what she wanted to get across. Open!

Then today as we were eating dinner, I placed Maddie's plate of chicken and peas in front of her. She pointed towards the kitchen and started saying "hook? hook? hook?" I didn't understand what she meant and told her so. She looked at me and said "Poon? Hook?" I understood then she was saying Fork! She clarified that for me by telling me the related tool, a spoon!

Isn't it just neat the way a baby's brain works??? I certainly think so. :) Tell me some of your own smart baby learning to talk stories!


KFuj said...

I don't kids yet I have a nephew who talks a lot!! Shocking since he is related to me :-)

He used to call a knife a cutter and flipper for a spatula.

karinski said...

Maddie is very good at communicating. She always seems to let her tante know what she needs. I thought it was so cute when she said "open" about her necklaces to me. Awww.

Andrea said...

That is very cool. It would be interesting to do a study on this sort of thing...if one hasn't been done before.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

It is absolutely amazing how the brain works. I love when they start to connect the dots!