Monday, September 21, 2009


I may have the barfiest baby ever. I don't know how he's growing. He barfs up so much milk I swear he's producing his own in his belly because he barfs up twice as much as I've given him. In spite of all this barfing, he is growing at a ridiculous rate. He's over 16 pounds already, and an absolute pork chop. A beef cake. There's rolls on his thighs and rolls on his arms and rolls on his toes. Did I mention the rolls on his thighs? Ya, this kid is big. Have you every seen the Michelin Man? Imagine if I had married him instead of John and had a baby. (I'm exaggerating, but only slightly.)

My thoughts right now are about when my kids get older. Maddie is not even 2 years old yet, but she is taller than most of the 3 year olds and even a 4 year old once in a while when we go to the park. Big boys don't have much of a problem when they hit school age, but big girls are different.

Is she going to be made fun of when she gets older for being different than her classmates? I do think her personality will help her get far. A few weeks ago we were at a beach party and Maddie approached a little girl who was collecting shells. This girl, who was much older than Maddie but the same size did not like that a "baby" was playing with her. Understandable because Maddie reached her hand right into this little girls bucket and pulled out a handful of treasures. Also, last week at the party I mentioned in my previous post, Maddie walked up to a little girl (again the same size but older), grabbed the girls arm and said Hi! Hi! Hi! The girl was slightly taken aback and shied away. Anyhow I think Maddie will be able to make friends.

Are people (children and adults alike) going to have expectations of her that they would have of an older child because they mistake her for someone who is older? Will she be denied the kids meal because she looks older than she really is? Ha ha I jest..

I hope this post makes sense, because my husband is being his usual motor mouth self and I am having trouble proof reading it. Maddie talks a lot too, and not only does AJ have lots of barf coming out of his mouth but he also has lots of babble coming out of his mouth. My children not only inherited their father's size but also his diarrhea of the mouth. I can only imagine my sanity in a few years when all 3 of them are trying to get a word in... :) Ha!

P.S. My husband really is totally amazing and I hope he teaches our son to be as good as him if not better, and teaches our daughter to expect no less from the person she marries.


Queen B said...

I was always the tallest one in elementary school (boys/girls both... today I'm a hair under 5'10"). Somewhere in middle school the boys finally started growing. I am proud to say that I did not get made fun of for my height.

My brother was almost 11 lbs at birth and grew very rapidly, too (today at a hair over 6'4"). My mom did carry his birth certificate around with her to ensure that he could play on playgrounds, have kids' meals, etc ;)

Jenn Ann said...

Despite my current "average" height, I was the tallest kid (boy or girl) in my kindergarten class. It wasn't until junior high (and my scoliosis) that kids started passing me up and I became average. Wasn't made fun of though. Maddie is so adorable and friendly that I'm sure she'll be just fine!

AJ is chubby, but we love chubby babies!

Andrea said...

My nephew has always been a big kid as well, and there HAVE been times when people expect more from him than he should be doing for his age. He was also born in September so I can't remember if he was one of the older ones in his class or the younger ones... He is adjusting well, as is my niece who was the tallest when a little one...Your kids are going to be very well adjusted no matter what their size because there is a lot of love there.

Paula said...

I was always tallest until about 8-9th grade, I don't recall ever being teased for my height either.
The weight/rolls will even out once he gets really mobile.

But Andrea is right, you have such a loving environment for them that they'll be able to handle anything that comes their way!