Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekend carnival

This may seem like a really boring entry, but it's what makes for a very happy day in my world... plus I am bragging about how awesome my daughter is at winning goldfish.

I had SUCH an awesome day today. I woke up and took baby AJ to our first day of baby and me yoga with instructor Lauren. It was so nice, as yoga always is, but it was extra special because I got to take AJ with me. He babbled through half the class, then nursed for a moment for a small snack, fell asleep, and woke up right when class was over. After that we headed home and took a nap together.

When we woke up, I strapped him to my chest and started cooking for my family. John had spaghetti left overs, but I brought out the wanna be chef in me for everyone else's dinner. My parents arrived and we had blackened salmon stuffed with corn bread stuffing, vegetables, rice with almonds, and cookies for dessert.

When dinner was done John and I quickly cleaned the kitchen (having a clean kitchen is for some reason essential to my peace of mind..), got the kids dressed, and headed off to the local church carnival. The loud rides and screaming were a bit much for Maddie so I put her ear plugs in. We played a few games and Maddie did the best of all. Seriously. I really wanted to play the win a goldfish game.. we found it and bought Maddie ten ping pong balls. She started chucking them at the bowls and landed 3 of them!! She almost made 2 more but they bounced out. If only the prize was money instead of fish! :) Perhaps on Monday we will go to the pet store to pick up the fish. They handed out fish coupons instead of actual fish. I like that idea, it's good for the fish. Keeps the people who don't really want the fish from getting them and hurting them! I typed fish a lot in this paragraph.

Maddie went on a few kiddie rides and had a lot of fun! She rode the car "roller coaster" that went in a circle, then rode the turtle that went in a circle. She had lots of fun waving at us every time she came back around.

Spending time with my family makes me happy, and today I got to spend the entire day with them. And I got to go to yoga! And I have a clean house! And I love my kids so so so much! And I got to play chef and make a tasty healthy fancy dinner! And I have an awesome husband! Ok goodnight..

Here's Maddie on the car ride:

Here is Maddie doing AWESOME at the goldfish ping pong ball game:

Here is me, my mom, AJ and Maddie. I learned the diaper as a bib for the wrap trick from my friend Lindsey. Thanks Lindsey!
My mom, Maddie, and her ear plugs:


Jenn Ann said...

Great day! How proud was Papa John of his little athlete? Definitely like the fish coupon idea! Both mom and oma are looking great!

Paula said...

The coupon idea is a great one! sounds like a very enjoyable day....I love those!

Queen B said...

LOVE the coupon idea

Maddie looks so cute when she's getting ready to throw!

Sounds like a perfect day to me :)

I'm really intrigued by baby yoga

Andrea said...

I love this day!! You sound so happy and at peace and that is great!!

I have to concur with the fish coupon idea...although it does sort of lose something when you aren't carrying around a plastic bag with a goldfish in it and have to keep checking on it.

I need to find a yoga and a pilates place....

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Maddie's curls are so darn cute!