Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Madeline,

You are my sweet little girl and I love you so much. Here is just a quick note on what happened today, and a list of other things:

Things you like:

Big trucks! (Peacocks)



Your brother.


Reading books.

Things you don't like:

When people sing along to songs.

Loud noises.

Recently you woke up from a nap. I got you from your room and you made me put you down so that you could clean up your toys from the floor. When we passed by my bedroom you wanted to peek inside to see if AJ was sleeping. He was not, and you asked to get his little musical elephant. When we got downstairs I went into the kitchen with Dada and started making stuff to eat. A few minutes later I turned around and AJ, who was sitting in his bouncy chair, had his elephant in his hands and was happily chewing away on it's ear. You are so thoughtful! You wanted to get it just so you could give it to your brother!

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