Saturday, June 5, 2010

Growing up.

So the big girl bed is a big success! It was absolutely no big deal at all. When she woke up the first morning I heard a small exclamation of surprise, I assume due to the fact that there was no rail on her bed. After a little while I heard her rustling around her room a bit. Her room is next to ours and I saw her walking up and down the hallway, quiet as a mouse. She heard me move in my bed and she scurried back to her room as fast as she could. I called out to her and she burst into my room as happy as could be! It's been easy ever since.

On Thursday we all drove to Maddie's preschool and dropped off her registration papers. The receptionist told me "Oh! Maddie will be in room #X with Miss X!" And I cried. For some reason, hearing that my daughter is going to be in an actual classroom with an actual teacher just did me in. Sigh. They really do grow up much too fast.


Jane said...

Just wait until she draws a picture of Ms X depicting you. Great laughter will follow

Paula said...

I remember those days! Now I'm experiencing my oldest "baby" being a HS freshman and my youngest "baby" starting kindergarten! Can't wrap my mind around it !!!!

Queen B said...

hahahaha. yay for the big girl :)

KFuj said...

Maddie is a big girl, yippie!!

I don't look forward to taking Kyle to daycare at all in August :(