Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Boys

We are in the process of letting AJ potty train himself. We did the same with Maddie, mostly just let her figure it out on her own. We let them run around naked and they quickly figure out where to put the stuff that comes out. Yes, we went through a couple loads of small towels.

Apparently little boys, uh.. "signal" that they have to go pee because their uh.. "antenna" sticks out a little. My husband tells me this is normal. I wouldn't know, I have never peed out of a penis before.

So anyway, I have been encouraging AJ to go to the toilet to go pee pee because he has been "signaling". He sits on the potty and immediately jumps back up and hollers "DONE!" and is so proud of himself. (The potty is empty). Today as I was sweeping and vacuuming the downstairs and AJ was stacking random objects and congratulating himself, I noticed he had to go. So I encouraged him to go put his pee pee in the toilet.

Into the bathroom he went and onto the potty he sat, and on the potty he stayed for a full 5 seconds before jumping up and hollering DONE. I was mildly excited as I went into the bathroom to check the potty for pee pee. It was empty. That's alright, I thought. At least he actually sat there for a few seconds. Maybe he's starting to get it. For the next 20 minutes AJ went back and forth from his stacking task to the potty as I kept encouraging him.

On one of his bathroom trips he stands in the trashcan and started playing with the plunger as he likes to do, and I went and put the vacuum cleaner away across the hall. I was still calling out to him to put his pee pee in the toilet. I hear AJ call out "Uh oh. Towel." And he comes to me and asks me again "Towel!" I again get mildly excited because I think OH YAY! AJ peed in the toilet! He missed but he peed in the toilet!

I go into the bathroom with a towel to wipe up the spill, and.. find the TRASHCAN full of pee and little pee footprints across the bathroom. It's one of those wicker trashcans with the fabric lining. Sigh.

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Jane said...

Oh the jous of the opposite sex :)