Friday, March 30, 2007


I had my official first doctors appointment today. The previous one was just a precaution. They asked me lots of questions and took lots of blood and asked me to pee in a cup. Everything seems to be ok and I go back in 4 weeks. At that time we will be able to hear the heartbeat!

The doctor wrote me a prescription for my barfy feeling. I still have not gained any weight, which is ok, but I am actually a few pounds below where I was when I got pregnant. (I started at 144, now I am 141.) I have only puked twice, but I really feel nauseaus almost constantly. I have found great relief recently in Jolly Rancher candies and water with tons of ice and a small slice of lemon in it. I also bought some ginger cookies. At this very moment, I feel OK.

I will be attempting to relocate my blog in the next few days to a website that is easier to read. I just have a hard time seeing this one for some reason. The new website will look cleaner and will be easier on the eyes. (I hope, anyway!) Don't worry, you won't have to change your browsers or anything.. and clicking on the link will take you to the new blog.

Sorry about the lack of writing this past week. I have been feeling more and more yucky. Hopefully that will get better soon!

On a different note, the air outside smells SOOOOOO good.. all the trees in all the orange groves in all of Florida are blossoming right now. April is going to be a very smell-good month! I just want to drive around with my windows open.

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COURTNEY said...

Hey!! I saw u signed up for some OT and was thining about how u and the baby were doing so I checked out your webpage!! Sure looks like you are experiencing all the "joys" of pregnancy!!! Enjoy all your time till that baby makes its debut cause life will def change!!!! Babies are wonderful and you will have a blast!!! I will send ya a picture as soon as I find your email addr!!!!