Friday, April 20, 2007

A few firsts!

John and I went out for breakfast this morning. On the way there, I had a sudden and extreme need for food. The restaurant is only about 7 miles away, but I knew I was not going to make it there in time without going into a lack-of-food based coma. As we approached the highway, we saw that the morning traffic was causing a severe backup in the right turn lane. I turned to John and said "Save me.."

He immediately turned into the grocery store parking lot and drove as fast as a man with a hungry pregnant wife could, and took me to a much closer restaurant located in that same parking lot. It's called "The Village Inn".

We got inside and the WONDERFUL waitress immediately asked us if we would like anything to drink. I asked for an orange juice and John asked for "a water, and some crackers right away please." She came right back with our items, and before she had even set the crackers on the table I was already reaching for them and tearing them open. She set down our drinks, puts her hand on my back and says "How many months are you?" John started laughing. I told her through a mouthful of crackers that I was three months. (Yes, 3 months today!) It was pretty funny. I was kind of excited that she had asked me that. It was the first public recognition of my pregnancy!

By the way, I ordered french toast covered with banana slices and strawberries, some scrambled eggs, and bacon. I ate every last bite. It was delicious!

I have been having so many dreams lately. I mean, I have always been a vivid dreamer. Ask my mother about my water-skiing elephant named Bushka dream. My dreams are usually very vivid. But I have been having them so frequently lately. Last night was the first time I had a dream about my baby. I dreamt I was further along in this pregnancy, that my belly was sticking out already. I looked down at my belly and I could see the baby poking around in there and moving about under my skin. I told John to look and he was fascinated by it too. I kept looking at my belly and I suddenly had the ability to actually faintly see the baby. Kind of like x-ray vision. I could sort of see through my skin, and I could see the baby's hand and feet bones as it tumbled and swam about.

John said something to me today that was kind of interesting.. another 6 weeks and we'll be halfway there! I think I said this before, but sometimes this pregnancy seems to be going by so slowly and other times it seems to be flying by.
Friday is my next doctors appointment. We will get to hear the baby's heartbeat!

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Mama said...

Did you remember to look for any additional "buds"??