Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy 07/07/07!!

Happy 07/07/07!!

Yesterday I became 23 weeks pregnant. I am still going by the original calculation, rather than by the new due date. (Which is November 9th.) I feel like I am growing SO FAST lately! My belly button is starting to "curl". That's the best word I can come up with. My skin is stretched around it and it looks like the insides are sort of bunched up around the edge. It looks a little strange!

Here is one of those personal entries that you may or may not look forward to. I am going to talk about sweat and farts.

Sweat. I can not BELIEVE how much I sweat at night lately. I don't feel particularly hot, I am just soaking wet with sweat in the middle of the night. Mostly on my belly and the back of my legs under my butt. Does stretching skin sweat or something? (I guess that means my butt is growing.. lovely.) But really, I wake up to roll over and I literally have drips of sweat rolling down my body. It's a bit gross.

Speaking of gross.. let me talk about farts. It seems that the bigger my belly gets, the harder it is to politely hold in a fart. (This goes along with the phenomena of holding in pee becoming more difficult as well.) The other day I got out of the shower and John was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I was holding in my wind because I didn't want to subject my darling husband to that kind of noise. (He has only heard me do it once. His jaw nearly hit the floor from disbelief.) Well, as I stepped out of the shower, my moving leg didn't provide enough assistance to my flexed butt cheek, and out slipped the toot. Since my butt cheeks were still wet, it made this awful sound. John turned around and asked "Did you just fart?!?" I looked at him with wide eyes and told him that yes, indeed I had. And you know what? HE DID NOT BELIEVE ME. That is just fine with me.

I mentioned pee becoming more difficult to hold in too. Just to let you know, I have to brace myself before I sneeze by crossing my legs and bending over, otherwise I will shoot some pee out of my body with the baby being the trigger of my squirt gun. Sneezes aren't at all satisfying lately, either. I used to be able to get a nice body full of air. Now, if I suck in too much air, I practically burst a lung.

I know I am doing a lot of complaining. Being pregnant right now really is not that bad at all. I mean, the first trimester was awful. I really hated being nauseous for 2 months straight. Oh,speaking of that, I am finally 3 pounds above where I started before I got pregnant. Yay! But anyway, aside from the mild inconveniences I mention, the 2nd trimester really is kind of neat. I love watching the baby push around in my belly, and feel her move. She moves almost constantly right now!

We have another ultrasound scheduled on the 20th. Hopefully to confirm that we are having a girl! It would be a little strange to suddenly have to start thinking of her as a him.

Mama and Daddy are visiting us soon! YAY!!!! I said to Mama "You are coming to visit me and John and Boris and babyyyyy!" and she said "No, I am coming to visit baby, and you and John and Boris." Fantastic. Baby isn't even here yet and the rest of us are already in 2nd place!


karinski said...

I hate youuuu! You are pregnant and look skinnier than me, outside of the bulging belly of course. Just as I suspected. No weight gain anywhere else. Grr. Off to change the linky in my bloggy blog.

JennAnn said...

YAY you blogged!! The link has been changed. I will second Karin's comment (although you do look REALLY cute!) I'm not surprised that you're all second to the baby...Will and I are already second to Oskar and Felix...we'll definitely be third in line by the time we have kids. Will's parents actually stop by our house sometimes just to see the animals. :) It's just an Oma and Opa thing :)