Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy one year anniversary to us!!

July 21st was our one year anniversary. YAY! It has been a wonderful year. I really truly could not have asked for a more perfect husband. He is cuddly and sweet and thoughtful and kind and funny and smart, and is all the qualities that make me a happy woman. I'm in love. I hope I make him as happy as he makes me!

I became 25 weeks pregnant on Friday. We had an ultrasound! Baby is for sure a girl. The technician said "See? A hamburger, not a hotdog." Appetizing! Apparently the baby is only measuring 24 weeks along still, with a due date of November 9th. I know that the technician probably knows this stuff better than I do, but I KNOW when I got pregnant. So does that make me right based on our conception date or does that make her right based on measurements? Perhaps baby is just a little small!

The picture was snapped right after the baby stretched, and then she started to yawn. Quite cute if you ask her mommy and daddy!

John had his ear to my belly the other day and my stomach growled. John said "Hm. She farted." Funny. She must have inherited that from her father.

We have so much to do! There's barely over 3 months left and we still have to start the baby's room, we have to make a registry, we have to choose a name.. eek!
Alright, I'm off to bed. I know I am a bad blogger.. I should do this more often. I thank you for your loyal reading anyway!! Until next time!


JennAnn said...

I'm not sure I like the food reference...then again Will's softball team's name is Hot Dogs & Buns for that same reason (co-ed league).

Yay for blogging! Yay for a new ultrasound picture! Yay for only 3 months to go!!

Ruth Anne said...

The sooner you have an ultrasound (preferably 6 weeks), the more acurate the due dates are. Unfortunately, most doctors don't order one then. Your doctor will probably not change your due date which was calculated from conception or last period.

At 25 weeks, a baby will start measuring big or small based on genetics.

As long as your baby does not continue to trend small (IUGR), don't worry. A 7lb baby is A LOT easier to deliver than a 9 lb.

P.S. Congratulations on making it to viability!

JennAnn said...

I love Ruth Anne!!! She's a L&D RN (or so I've gathered) - I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Cool things I learned today:
-Ruth Anne ROCKS!
-IUGR - they are testing Colleen for this right now...don't ask what it stands for because it sounds scarier than what it really means. Just be thankful that it looks like your baby will take after you instead of John!
-How awesome is blogging?!

Kim Thomas said...

Yeah! Girls rock! Congrats on your anniversary too.