Monday, August 6, 2007

My weekend adventure!

So, I decided to mow the lawn on Saturday. I used my little eco-friendly manual push mower, not the noisy ugly gas powered mower. The grass was extremely long (John's noisy ugly gas powered mower is broken and we won't get it back from the repair place until tomorrow), and it was a really nice morning. I wanted to exercise anyway, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and go mow!

We have fantastic neighbors. The husband that lives next door, Pete, came out of his garage about 5 minutes after I started and walked up to me. He said something to the effect of "Whatcha doin?" I blubbered that I wanted to exercise and the lawn was long and it's not that hard and it's good exercise, etc. He started to insist that I stop right then and there and allow him to do it. I insisted right back that Nooo, I was going to continue and finish because look, I'm already half way done with this side. Back and forth we went a few times until I offered a compromise. "How about I finish this side, and you can mow the side by your house." Alright, deal.

A few minutes after that, John arrived home from work. "Whatcha doin?" he asked, only with a touch more scolding in his voice than the neighbor. I suppose a husband is allowed to not be so nice when asking his wife "What on earth do you think you are doing, woman??" I blubbered the same response to him that I gave the neighbor and John insisted that I come inside right this very second and drink some water and take a break. We sat down and I got the "what will the neighbors think?" bit, me mowing the lawn 6 months pregnant in the hot morning and not him.. I again insisted that I be allowed to finish. I argued that 100 years ago women plowed fields 9 months pregnant. Besides, it honestly and truly felt really good! I was working up a nice sweat, and to be quite frank, all I was doing was WALKING. I just happened to be pushing a peaceful little manual push mower in front of me. It's good practice for a stroller!

So out I went to finish mowing my stupid lawn. Everyone sure was taking the fun out of this! John followed a few minutes later after he had changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. He stood there in the driveway for a few minutes with his hands on his hips not knowing what to do with himself. Take the mower away from me and risk a tantrum from a hormonal pregnant woman? Go back inside and risk the neighbors thinking he lets his pregnant wife mow the lawn? Poor husband. I kind of feel bad for him looking back now. He is such a good husband. I love him.

Anyway, John is standing out there contemplating which risk is greater when Pete comes out of his garage again. The two of them discuss my antics for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. Pete offered his mower to John. They were in the middle of discussing this option when Joe, the husband across the street, comes out and walks over to them. They fill him in on their predicament while I continue happily mowing away on the other side of the driveway. While the three of them were talking, Tom, the neighbor down the street, took his dog out for a walk and started towards us. He is the most vocal of the 4 men so I kind of knew I had another lecture coming. He walks up to the guys and says to John "Are you really letting her mow the lawn?" John replied "YOU try getting her to stop!!"

Now, picture the situation at this point. I am 6 months pregnant and my belly is sticking out far enough at this point to be quite noticeable. I am mowing the lawn. It is a warm day, my face is pink from the wonderful exercise, and my hair is frizzy and out-to-here as usual. There are FOUR men standing about 20 feet away from me, watching me mow the lawn. Can you imagine what that would look like to someone who happened to pass by at that exact moment? Haha! I chuckle thinking about it.

So anyway, I finish up my side of the lawn and start over towards the side they are standing. Pete's dog, a golden retriever, comes outside and sits in the shade of the GRASS. That is how long our grass is on that side of the house. It is up to his neck when he is sitting down. Now, mind you, it only takes one week of not mowing the lawn for the grass to get that tall here in these parts. It rains about every day and it's warm and humid, so the grass grows super fast. I don't want you thinking that John neglects the lawn. It just looked funny to see the retriever sitting there up to his neck in our grass. Apparently the men had been discussing lawn mowers up until that point, and when I walked over to that side of the driveway Joe took off to his house to get his mower. He and Pete were going to see whose mower could do a more effective job on our jungle of grass. Nice!

They mowed a few feet of grass after I finally got out of the way so that the grass at least looks decent from the front. The back can wait until we get our mower back from the shop. I'll let you know if I sneak in mowing that too!


Your Dadi said...

lovely story i liked it thats bianka my spatz

JennAnn said...

I LOVE the long version of this do bring up a valid point...let's say you already had one child and were preggers with your'd push them in a stroller instead of carrying them, which is pretty much the same as pushing a mower. You win! :)

Andee said...

Hey Bianka...we have not met yet, but I'm sure you've heard all about me - yeah it's all true... I'M FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Anyhow, the baby's room looks amazing! I am truely excited for you both. If I was having another, I would definately have it at home. I think all of you will be SO much more comfortable (and happy!). I wish you all the best for your birth.

...and just so you know - it's really, really true when women say the pain of childbirth goes away once you're holding your new baby.

...I've been looking forward to meeting you,(morbid curiousity wants to know who could live with Buttons!!!)

<3's Andee

Anonymous said...

haha i am also 6months pregnant and have just taken a break from mowing, so i decided to google if mowing whilst 6months gone would be bad and i came across your lovely story. my exbf and i are no longer together so i didnt have that struggle ... i did however have a number of people driving by/walking dogs by who gave me the dirtiest of looks ... like how else do i get the lawn mowed?