Saturday, August 4, 2007

Only 3 months to go!!

HOLY MOLY! THREE MONTHS TO GO! Where is the time going? Only 3 months left until I become a Mommy.. until John becomes a Daddy.. until my parents become grandparents.. until Karin becomes a Tante. So many changes caused by just one tiny little person!

Here is a picture that John took of me on our one year anniversary vacation. We went to a fantastic beach island off the coast of Georgia. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

I am walking through some of the magnificent oak trees on the island. On the other side of the island was this pristine remote beach with sand dunes. We were one of only 15 or so people on the entire beach. We stayed at a bed and breakfast on the mainland. It was a wonderful time! By the way, does it look like I'm waddling a bit?

Here is an up close picture of my belly, taken this evening. I wanted it to be an upclose picture so you could see what is happening to my belly button. Do you see? That is not a figment of your imagination. My belly button is now protruding from my body. Look!

My cousin wanted me to blog about an incident that occured the other day while I was chatting with her online. I sneezed and wet my shorts yet again. I really have to get this under control. I have been doing my kegel exercises, but this baby is growing fast and is constantly putting more and more pressure on my bladder. I'm going to start smelling like a homeless person soon. Yuck.

I think I am at this very moment having a braxton-hicks contraction. I have been having this strange rolling sensation like a wave moving slowly through my belly. When I poke at my belly during one of those feelings it is as hard as a rock! Very interesting stuff.

Last week while at my regular appointment with the midwife, my urine apparently had sugar levels that were "off the charts". This is cause for concern, because it is an indicator of gestational diabetes. Which causes excessively large babies. And who wants to push out a 14lb baby? NOT ME! It's confusing because I don't have any of the other warning signs associated with the condition, and the baby is measuring a week or small anyway. I had a blood test yesterday to get more accurate levels. I should find out the results early this coming week. I'll keep you posted!

In the mean time, I am continuing with my pre-natal yoga class. It is soooooo wonderul. I encourage any pregnant woman to find some kind of gentle yoga to participate in. It's hard to move sometimes as it is.. not cuz of size, but rather because things are moving around and it's hard to know which way my body is going to react to, say, WALKING or something. The yoga class has gentle stretches and movements designed to help pregnant women strengthen muscles necessary for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, (yay for anything that makes delivery easier!), and also to help loosen and stretch things that tend to get tight during pregnancy, like backs. We also learn relaxation techniques, good for women like me that will not be using pain medication during labor.

John and I have finally started our baby registry!! Here is a picture of the quilt that goes with the nursery bedding we chose.

I originally wanted to avoid being too pink, but this set has nice soft colors with the pink and blue and green (my favorite color!). The mattress sheet has small roses all over it. We both love that it is a bit vintage or old fashioned looking, too. Next is choosing the furniture and other baby supplies!

I'll post again soon with the bloodwork update. Thanks for reading!


karinski said...

aaaaaahahahahaha! you peed your pants! This made me think of you eventually teaching Annie how to use the big girls bathroom. Please dont ever use the word potty! It is the dumbest word ever. Use toilet or bathroom.

oh and your belly finally looks cute! I cant wait to see it in a few weeks!

JennAnn said...

YAY you blogged! How cute are you with your little waddle and your slightly protruding belly button?

Love the bedding!

I hope the blood work comes back okay!