Friday, November 2, 2007

Practice makes perfect.

Here is a video of my belly.. at least I am HOPING this will be a video of my belly. Madeline was quite active this morning, so I got my camera and took about a minute of video. I am hoping to perfect my video blogging before she gets here. So please enjoy these few seconds of the baby doing her morning jumping jacks in my stomach.

It was a little dark in the room, so the quality isn't all that great. But this is just practice! It will get better, I promise!

P.S. About 25 seconds in is when she really hops around, then again towards the end.


Mama said...

She is trying to find the spot where to come out!!

JennAnn said...

How awesome is that?! Thank you for sharing!!!! Now if she'd just figure out how to poke her way out!

JennAnn said...

Oh and Willard is scared to watch the video because it's kinda disturbing to him - "it's like she ate somebody or something". Ain't he cute?!

karinski said...

haha cute! She is feeling her way out now. nice mole.

Courtney said...

Hey Binx- I watched your video and all it reminded me of was last summer when I was pg and you would run over to feel Zach moving and always be so excited when it happen!!! And now LOOK AT YA!!!!!
BTW I have been bad about reading and I just read your entry after your shower and I was cracking up!!!! COURTNEY