Monday, December 3, 2007

In the tub.. where I was born..

Madeline had her first official bath today! At her doctor's appointment last week we were told to wait a few more days and then go ahead with a bath. We went all out and made it a family affair in the giant teal bathtub where Madeline was born. She seemed right at home and enjoyed it very much! She had the hiccups, but otherwise not a peep. She just relaxed on Daddy's chest while he poured water on her, and sometimes floated while we held her. She only needed a couple of our fingers to hold her up.. Babies are very buoyant, did you know that? If we're ever on a sinking ship, we'll just hold on to Madeline and we'll be fine. :) She is now passed out.. apparently baths are very relaxing!


Mama said...

Rub-a-dub-dub.....daddy and mama and baby in the tub! Cute! Love you lots!

Jenn Ann said...

Too cute!!! She looks so different again! I love watching her change and grow!

Alexa said...

You guys are so cute, she looks so happy on John's chest!