Monday, December 17, 2007

Little piggies!

Baby socks are useless. Put them on a baby's feet and they'll be gone in less than 10 minutes. I'm surprised we don't see more poor helpless little abandoned baby socks by the side of the road.

I read recently something about baby fists and how you can "gently pry apart the baby's fingers to open the fist".... let me tell you, there ain't no "gently" about it! This baby could probably beat her Daddy in a thumb war.

Ooh have you ever seen projectile vomit before?? I hadn't. We were out in public again without a change of clothes (me or the baby, but this time we had to leave in a rush, it was an emergency). Luckily someone reminded me to grab diapers. So anyway, baby upchucks and gallons upon gallons upon hundreds of gallons of curdled milk come shooting out of her mouth. It goes all over my shirt, down the front of my pants, all over her clothes and fists (which is why I was trying to pry them apart, to get the stinky puke out of them), and all over the couch I was sitting on. I think she wants to audition for The Exorcist movie.


mama said...

You are just making this story can such a cute little baby puke THAT much?

Jenn Ann said...

Exaggerate much? :) Now will you promise to take a diaper bag with you wherever you go?