Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby's first trip to the mall!

On January 2nd, I began my new job at the birth center that I had been visiting while pregnant with Madeline. I was so nervous about being away from my baby girl for a whole entire day! I had pumped some milk for her to eat, but since I had just gotten back from California 2 days prior, it wasn't enough for the entire day.. maybe enough for one meal.

So off to work I went with my breast pump in tow and a thousand kisses for my baby girl. John visited me at noon for my lunch break and I fed the baby, and they went to the mall with our good friend Jason. What a way to pick up chicks, huh? John said they were going to go to Hooters next. Hehe!

I was nervous that she wasn't going to have enough to eat for the rest of the afternoon with just one bottle full of milk, but I was wrong! She had a grand old time with the boys!

First she slept...

Then she woke up!

Next she tested bed linen softness for her Daddy..

Finally she stopped in the lingere department and tried on a sexy red bra.

A fun day was had by all!


Mama said...

Red is her new color.......enough with the pink!

Jenn Ann said...

This is the cutest blog post in the whole world!!!

karinski said...

I liked getting surprise picture texts from the boys all day. tee hee.