Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A bit belated!

I promised Christmas pictures of Madeline nearly two weeks ago. Here they finally are!!

Her first Christmas was quite fun! She and I flew to California to surprise her grandparents while Daddy stayed home. He missed her very much, but he was excited for the surprise as well!

Madeline's auntie (my sister) was visiting for the few days before Christmas. The three of us flew back to California on Christmas eve morning. My parents had no idea that Madeline and I were with auntie, so when they picked her up they weren't looking for us. I had 2 dear friends of mine pick up Madeline and I about 10 minutes after my parents pulled away with my sister.

We were following behind my parents and waited for the go-ahead from my sister that they were all settled back in the house. My friends and I packed Madeline up in a basket with a big red bow and a large red bib that said "Grandma's Present", placed her on the porch, rang the bell and hid. My dad opened the front door and giggled and said to my mom behind him "UPS was here!". He picked up the basket and turned around and showed my mom who just about had a come apart as John would say. Everyone was so happy to see Madeline! Oh, and me too. Right. Anyway, here are pictures of the event and of the rest of the fun week!

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Jenn Ann said...

YAY for pictures!!! Surprising the grandparents was oh so very fun!