Friday, January 18, 2008

Two months old

Dear Pookie,

You are now two months old. I can hardly believe how much you have changed already since you were born! You have grown FOUR inches and have gained over three pounds!

You have captured my heart with a strength that I never knew was possible. You are already my best friend. You are a source of pure joy. You bring a smile to my face by simply looking into my eyes. Especially first thing in the morning, when you see my face and grin. It absolutely melts my heart. You certainly seem to be a morning person!

I have a feeling you are going to be a Daddy's girl. When he holds you, you nestle your nose into his chest and often go right to sleep. He loves coming home from work in the early mornings and seeing us in bed. We wake up and spend a little while snuggling, just the 3 of us. Sometimes Boris the cat joins us too! Daddy says this time recharges his heart.

Your Daddy and I find it fascinating to watch you develop. You are beginning to realize you have hands. Or rather, that you have fists. You keep your fingers clenched so tightly shut that it takes a team of strong men with crowbars to peel them open. You pinch your thumb under your index finger in a way that is considered offensive in many parts of the world. Anyway, you will wave a fist in front of your face and briefly watch it. Pretty soon you will realize that it is attached to you and that you actually have control of it!

You've discovered your voice and enjoy making all sorts of cute sounds and coo's. I'm attempting to catch it on video, but each time the camera starts recording you notice it and stop talking. Your Omi got you a musical worm toy. When I turn it on and the lady starts counting flowers and ladybugs, you sing right along!

You are a very nosey baby. If you are not propped up on someones shoulder with a view of the world, you make it very clear that you can't see what's going on! I hope this means you are smart. I already think you are. If someone grabs your clenched fists in their hands, you pull yourself up into a sitting position. Sometimes you pull yourself all the way up onto your feet and stand there! You are a bit wobbly, like you are doing a hula dance. It's very cute. It makes me very proud to see you trying so hard to build up your muscles!

Everyone that meets you thinks you are such a delightful baby. You hardly ever cry for any reason other than when you are hungry. You smile at people, especially when they talk silly to you. You have a thing for people with dark hair and give them the most smiles!

You've gotten extremely good at holding your head up on your own.. actually have been for 2 or 3 weeks now. I blame it on the fact that you are extremely nosey and NEEDED to be able to hold your head up in order to see what was going on around you.

You've gotten into a pretty good schedule or routine. You sleep about 10 hours a night, while barely waking up to nurse during that time. It allows us both to get a great nights sleep. I'm so grateful for that! During the day it's typically an eat-play-nap routine. You love going onto the back porch with me to watch ducks and look at trees and the lake. I enjoy this time.. you are looking around and soaking in everything you see.

You have started giggling in your sleep. You used to do that with your smiles.. just do them while you were dreaming, but now you do them on purpose. I can't wait to hear it the first time your Daddy or I make you giggle out loud. It will make me feel like we are the most wonderful people in the whole wide world, to make a baby laugh! What on earth is better than that skill? Nothing!

Thank you for being such a cutie pie! It makes me excited to give you some brothers and sisters some day! You are my angel and I love you with all of my heart and soul. XOXOXO!

Love, Mama


Jenn Ann said...

Maddie is the cutest baby in the whole world!!!! She's adorable!!!!
These letters are a great idea!!!!!

I think I just over did the explanation points as Willard called them at dinner tonight :)

Striker said...

I can't help it...I am a first-generation American...I screw up the language some times!

Bianka said...

Jenn, I agree. Maddie is the cutest baby in the whole wide world! And Willard, don't worry. John doesn't know how to say wolf. He says wuff. And he mixes up burgers and boogers. Well, when he says them anyway. Not when it comes to eating them, thank goodness!

Mama said...

Madeline is precious! Love you guys!
(Only a couple of explanation marks)

karinski said...

Maddie is a muffin. I like the picture of her and her daddy in the shower the bestest from that blog. Cuuuuute!

Kim Thomas said...

She is super cute....