Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 month check-up

John took Madeline to the doctor for her two month old check up. She is TWENTY FIVE INCHES LONG. That means she has grown 4 inches since she was born. That's 2 inches a month. Half an inch a week. That's gotta hurt! She weighs 11lbs 8oz.

In keeping with the tradition of her well known flatulence, after the nurse took her temperature rectally, Madeline let a nice big fart go right as the nurse removed the thermometer. Sigh.

She gets her shots next month. I think John will have to handle that appointment on his own. I will cry.

My 2 month love letter to my baby is to follow shortly!

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Jenn Ann said...

Shots are sad...but for her own good! I still don't believe she farts :)