Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A choir of angels

Maddie woke up last night at around 2am to poop. Then she decided it was time to sing. My baby sings allllll the time. She actually loves it when Daddy watches American Idol. She and I sing right along with all the contestents and she gets her little almost-giggle going. Especially when Randy gets a close up. What's up with that?

So when she started singing (I guess remembering the American Idol songs from earlier in the evening) she didn't stop for at least an hour. I suppose I wasn't really helping because I was blaring along with her "Now it's time for sleeeeeeeeeping, not the time for siiiiiiiiiinging!"

I will have to attempt to get this on camera. The problem is that when I start recording I stop singing so my terrible voice won't be recorded. And when I stop singing, so does she. I might just have to suck it up and torture you all with my voice so you can see an angel sing.


Jenn Ann said...

Totally worth being recorded. Misty had to sing Sponge Bob Square Pants 3 times in order to get Emmary to say "Ponge Bob" and I really didn't even pay attention to anything but Emmary.

Anonymous said...

really give out too much info..

Bianka said...

Um.. then don't read my blog? I'm just saying..