Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is this how life will be?

So I was standing in the kitchen earlier doing the "pee pee dance". This has become a common occurance with me. John grabbed my turkey wrap out of my hands and wouldn't give it back to me until I used the toilet.

I am drinking lots of water because it is healthy and because it keeps my boobs full of milk for my little one, so that could be the culprit.. but I think something else is at work here. Though probably not as frequently as I should be, I have been doing my kegels since Maddie was born.

I think it is a result of having given birth. I think I broke my vagina.


Marla said...

oh my gosh bianka you are so funny!! you will be able to hold it longer soon...trust me...!! ha ha.. its not broken! Marla

Sarah B said...

Just so you know, sometimes it never goes back to normal. When Ashley was 2 I went to a friends house to jump on the trampoline (fun and good exercise) and I kid you not, every time I jumped I sort of wet myself. So I would run to the bathroom thinking it was a one time occurance. Got back out there, jumped and had to run to the bathroom again. It made me sad becasue I liked the jumping but not if I had to wear a diaper to do it. :(