Friday, April 4, 2008

As I have said before, Maddie is teething. Here is a video of her with her favorite chew toy. :) AKA a teether. In it, she is moaning pitifully. She does this a couple of times a day. If only she could get some relief!



Anonymous said...

I love the sound effects!
Love you guys!

Paula said...

My pathetic temporary computer doesn't have sound. But from the looks of how she is "chowin' down" on the teether, I can tell! Bless her lil' gums!

Jinjer said...

What a sweetheart! How cute is that!?

karinski said...

poor little bean. =(
I hope she feels better soon.

CJW's folks said...

Your little one is a doll. My guy isn't teething yet, I'm so thankful! Hope she feels better soon!