Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have very strong opinions about childbirth and obstetrics. I am also afraid (most of the time) to express those opinions, because I do not want to offend someone and I hate confrontation. Therefore, I am making this blog in an attempt to help get my very strong opinion heard and understood.

For any one who has ever had a baby.
For anyone who is about to have a baby.
For anyone who wants to have a baby some day.
For anyone who has a vagina.
And for anyone who uses a vagina from time to time..

I encourage you to watch the movie "The Business of Being Born". I beg you to watch it. I will get you a copy if you cannot afford one of your own. I will help you find a copy to borrow if you cannot find one on your own. It is presently available through Netflix. It is inspirational and educational. And hey, it has cute babies! At least view the trailer. Click below.

Please, watch this movie............... I beg you to. I implore you to. I request, plead, and bid you to.
Thank you.


Jenn Ann said...

I particularly enjoy the line:
And for anyone who uses a vagina from time to time.


Jinjer said...

I like that line too Jenn Ann. LOL! Bianka, I am a hypochondriac so I do not want to look at the trailer until I ask if this is a movie that will scare me? If it is informative, I am all about it. If it is scary, i am all about it because I love scary, controversial, all that good stuff - just not when I am prego. let me know!!

Bianka said...

I replied at length to Jinjer's comment via email, but for the short version:

No, the trailer is not at all scary, nor is the movie. The Business of Giving Birth is merely meant to educate women about their birth options, whether those options are chosing where to have your baby, or even choices to make in the hospital itself.

Please PLEASE watch this movie. It is an educational experience, plus it has babies in it! :)

Jenn Ann said...

I highly recommend TiVoing House of Babies on Discovery Health - it's a series and Bianka got me hooked on it!

Ruth Anne said...

I am late in reading this, but I, too, have strong opinions.

I think pit is almost always unnecessary. When babies have "decels", it requires a section and most the of the time the mother is on pit. Babies do not tolerate it well. (READ: increase section rate.)

I think inducing a primip (never given birth before) should be illegal. Many times the women will go late because there body hasn't done it, yet. This is a pressure I see from THE MOMS (especially older, first time moms) all the time, and we call it "SBP" syndrome, sick of being pregnant, and they convince their doctors to induce. The moms need to better educated and not proceed with an induction if they have never given birth before. (Again, READ: increase in sections.)

We have one of the highest section rates because of unnecessary interventions. Why am I so against sections? It is often times an unnecessary, invasive surgery. They cut through abdominal muscles. And you thought flattening your stomach after a vag delivery was hard. I have seen women hospitalized for weeks due to complications. Breastfeeding is hard, and the moms are tired, too. (READ: low breastfeeding rate for section moms.)

The only thing misquoted was the fact the the US has one of the highest neonatal death rates. In the US, we try to save a 24-weeker. They survive 50% of the time, and therefore decrease the overall survival rate. In 3rd world countries, they consider that a miscarriage and they calculate only 37-weekers and older into their survival rates. The US does look worse here, but it is just a play on numbers. Our full-term babies fare better.

Kim Thomas said...

Being the newest mom doesnt make me an expert but I can tell you that 1 CC of Pit and an Epidural was fabulous.

Bianka said...

Thanks for your comment, Ruth Anne! Especially for clarifying the part about our country trying to save younger babies!

How's mommyhood, Kim?