Friday, May 16, 2008


We had a busy week!

Last Friday we packed up and flew to California to stay with my parents.

Saturday Madeline was baptized! She was very well behaved. I'm surprised she didn't start playing in the holy water! We had dinner with all the guests. Maddie received many nice gifts! Clothes, crosses, jewelry, and a toy. In the morning before the baptism we went and saw our new house!!! I waved at a neighbor. I love it.. all 4 bedrooms are upstairs and are a very nice size. The downstairs has a formal living room and dining room, kitchen, family room with a large wood burning fireplace, laundry room, and half bath. The backyard is very large, something that was important for me since we're moving away from wide open land to a suburb. Maddie and her future brothers and sisters have lots of room to play.

Sunday was spent at the German church and the church hall for mass, lunch, and dance group program. It was my first ever Mother's Day. I loved it! I even won the newest mother award and received a nice blooming plant. I was so excited! I had actually been hoping I would win since LAST year when I was pregnant on Mother's Day! Madeline looked beautiful in her dirndl, (an ethnic costume). It was one that I had when I was a baby myself!

On Monday we spent the entire day running errands for our new house. We met the next door neighbor and her son, and her friend from around the corner. I am very excited that everyone is so friendly! They seem happy that a young growing family has moved in. The house is on a short cul-de-sac, so in addition to the big back yard there's a safe place to play in the front as well.

On Tuesday I had an interview with my old job from 2 years ago to see if I could start again this summer. Yesterday I received a letter saying I was ranked number one out of the handful of people they saw that day, so let's cross our fingers that they will call me and ask me to come back!

On Wednesday we were already on our way back to Florida and I began the process of comparing prices for moving. I am looking into U-haul and Pods. Pods are more expensive, but when you factor in the cost of gas and the luxury of being able to pack and unpack at a slower pace, it pretty much comes out about the same. Anyone have any experience with either?

It's going to be a very busy next 2 months!!


Jenn Ann said...

Have I mentioned that you have the cutest 6 month old daughter on the planet?

Queen B said...

I agree, she is adorable :) I'm so happy that you guys got to check in on your house and neighbors! As much as moving sucks, it will be nice once you're all settled in.

I hate Uhaul. They completely stressed me out and ruined our move to California. However, I still used them when we moved back to Texas. But I hate them ;)

Anonymous said...
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Jane: a female given name of English origin said...
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Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Just noticed, she has pierced ears! Too darn cute!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Isn't she cute! Glad behaved!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

That last comment was from Paula

Ann said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

Glad you're liking the new neighbors...that makes things so much easier!

When we moved from Boston to Phoenix 8 years ago, we used Penske. They were the best deal for the money at the time, and we moved with 4 kids...LOTS of stuff!

Good luck on the move!

KFuj said...

Maddie is so cute!!

I would go with the pod since you are moving from Fl. We are doing a truck but we are also only moving from Diamond Bar to Chino!

We will be meeting all of our neighbors at the move in party next weekend. The party will be in our floor plan of the models, so we should be able to see how many people can party in our place.

Good luck on the packing, Costco has a great packing kit made by scotch!