Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Me: Do you need anything from the store?

Husband: Yes, I need shampoo. Pantene Pro-V please.

Me: Ok.

.. I drive to the store, stand in front of the shampoos, see about 800 varieties of Pantene Pro-V, and call husband..

Me: What kind of Pantene Pro-V do you need? There's a bunch.

Husband: (Going to the shower to look) The one with Iox.

Me: Iox?

Husband: Yes, Iox for stronger hair.

Me: Hmm.. (wondering what kind of new product this was, suddenly spot it.) Oh, do you mean the one for TEN TIMES STRONGER HAIR?

--10x stronger hair is what it says. Sigh--


Kim Thomas said...

One word: Sampson

Jenn Ann said...

KT, I don't get it.

lOX is sure to come up this weekend :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Why is it that men are more particular about hair products?

Have you ever tried to locate Aveda Rosemary Mint?

Paula said...

LOL...I have had similar mix-ups with my son and husband!!!

Joe Traina said...

For a guy...your preference in shampoo seems...suspect.
Neighbor Joe

Jinjer said...

I don't get Sampson either??

karinski said...

haha! this is brilliant!

Ann said...

LOL! That would be the translation from my hubby too!! :)

Just a thought here - why is your husband that particular about shampoo? LOL

Sarah B. said...

So you don't feel husband has more "product" than I do. I go for whats on sale and he has to get "his products"..sigh.