Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wiping faces

Once upon a time I was naive. I would see mothers wiping their baby's faces fast and vigorously, and babies pushing their mother's hands away and protesting loudly. I said to myself "I'M not going to be one of THOSE mothers." I thought how I'll wipe my baby's face nice and gently and she'll find it to be a pleasant experience and will allow me to do it.


Now I understand WHY mothers wipe their kids faces like that. The kids don't protest because mom is wiping too fast.. it's the other way around. Mom has to be aggressive with the wiping because the kid protests. I started off wiping my daughters face nice and gently when she started having solid food.. that lasted, oh, about 2 days.

Now I go in fast and hard and avoid her protesting hands as efficiently as possible. She starts protesting even before I've touched her, when I'm only waking towards her with the towel. Then she grabs my hands and the towel and whatever else she can get into her sticky fingers.

Here's a question for experienced moms: What on earth to wipe first? The high chair tray, hands, or face? Because it seems whatever is cleaned first inevitably gets sticky again right away by whatever part has not been wiped yet.


Anonymous said...

I say just take everything outside and hose it off!
Love you!

Paula said...

My usual "plan of action":
2 damp paper towels, set one down within my easy reach.
Wipe left hand first--then I'd hold that hand with my left hand while wiping the tray.
End first paper towel, still holding left hands.
Wipe right hand.
then dash to face.
Sometimes this left trace amounts that I could more easily attack.

Sydney Thomas said...

I am not looking forward to this

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Remove tray, wipe hands then face

As fast as you describe :)

Jinjer said...

LOL this makes me look forward to having kids so I can strategically maneuver the face wiping :)

Jenn Ann said...

All I can say is that it's fun to watch :)