Sunday, June 28, 2009


Maddie took swimming lessons a year ago, last June 2008. She couldn't even walk yet! This summer we are spending a lot of time in my parents pool. (We'd be in it even more than we already are if they'd just keep it heated!! Brr!) I think she has forgotten everything she learned.

Maddie is quite excited about the water. Almost recklessly so. If we don't keep a constant eye on her she'll sink to the bottom, because she jumps off the edge without hesitation. We have tried teaching her to at least count to three first, but she gets to "Oonnneeee..." and in she goes! No patience, that kid. I wonder where she got that from. :)

She'll be in swimming lessons again the first session available after this baby gets here.

Can you find Maddie in the 3rd picture down? :)


Jenn Ann said...

Too cute! Not surprising, because she LOVED the water last year! A pool (a warm one) sounds super!

Queen B said...

what a little fishy :)

Paula said...

it's a blessing and a curse to have them that excited about water. I took Princess to swim lessons last summer--she was 4.5 yo. With each class she got more terrified. By the last class, I swore I would never get in the water with that child again for the rest of her life.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

love your tummy is hidden in the water

creative-type dad said...

Very cute.

She's going to be swimming in no time.