Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer time!

Since I'm so busy trying to keep my contractions going, I'm just going to post a few cute pictures of Madeline. They're mostly from 4th of July weekend and from swimming at my parents house.

On 4th of July John took Maddie to the downtown Huntington Beach celebration on his bicycle. She sported her shades. They had a lovely time watching the parade!

Maddie has been getting more confident in her swimming abilities. John bought her a swim vest with removable layers.. the better she gets at swimming, the more layers you remove!

Regarding my labor... well, I've been fully (10cm) dilated for at least a month now. Baby is already +2 station. I have no cervix left, essentially. I just don't go into labor. I've been having contractions, but they don't get any closer than 6 minutes apart before stopping completely. I guess I just have a comfortable uterus and babies don't like to come out!

Anyway, enough with the personal details. Here are some adorable Maddie pictures!


Paula said...

those are adorable pics. Adorable little girl!
What is your doctor/midwife saying all this stop and go is for?

Queen B said...


sigh... I'm sure you guys are ready to meet the new baby already!