Friday, December 4, 2009

My sweet soul..

When AJ was born Maddie wasn't all too sure what to think of him. She quietly observed him and that's about it.. unless he cried. When he cried my poor girl just bawled her eyes out. Today it's a different story. She loves him so much and it makes my heart melt. She kisses his head, she tickles him, she plays with him and she takes care of him.

I've caught her playing peek a boo with him from behind the cabinet door. John recently took video of her kneeling over him, letting her mop of blonde hair fall into his face causing him to giggle. His giggling made her giggle and pretty soon it was just this impossibly cute pile of squishy cuteness and I don't know how I contained my heart in my chest and kept it from exploding with love and pride. My children laughing together is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

The other day Maddie came into our bedroom and picked up AJ's little stuffed elephant. I assumed she was just going to play with it like she sometimes does. We went downstairs to join John and AJ and I put her down and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later I turned around and AJ had the elephant in his hands and was contently snuggling his face into it. She brought it downstairs just for him, and again I melted.

Tonight, while I was at work, John was working in the garage while AJ napped and Maddie was in and out of the house visiting him while he worked. John had the monitor on in case AJ woke up. At one point he started to cry, and Maddie has taken on the responsibility of notifying us when this happens. "Dada! A-shay cowing! Help A-shay!" Since John had his hands full at that particular moment he said to her "Why don't YOU go help AJ? He's upstairs in Mama's bed." She turned around and John figured she just went back into the house to play. A few moments later he heard Maddie's sweet little voice coming over the monitor too.. John put down what he was doing and went to see what she was doing. She had climbed into our bed and was sitting next to AJ, stroking his head. He had stopped crying and she was comforting him.

I tell people that being a Mama is so amazing, it's the best thing I've ever done. I LOVE being a Mama. I love my babies so much and having kids like I do makes it ten billion times sweeter. Maddie does sweet things like this all the time.. She's a handful, don't get me wrong.. she's feisty and noisy and stubborn and smart and talkative and spirited. She wears me out! And she has big hair. But above all she's the sweetest girl I've ever known. I am so proud of my little girl. I am so proud to have her love me, to have her come running and screaming down the hallway into my open arms, knock me over, and demand that I get up so she can do it again. I never dreamed that motherhood would be so so amazing. Now I have TWO bundles of joy!! How do I keep myself from shattering with the joy of it all, keep my face from splitting in two from smiling so much?

Thank you, Maddie, for making the past two years the most precious of my whole entire life. Dada and I love you more than we can ever try to explain. You bring tears of joy to my eyes almost every day and I always have laughter in my heart with you in my life.


Jane said...

What an awesome sister-lucky mom, lucky dad and luckiest brother!!!!

KFuj said...

So makes my heart melt just reading about how sweet she is to AJ!

Queen B said...

that's awesome :)

Paula said...

That is a very sweet tribute to an even sweeter little girl!