Friday, December 18, 2009

It happened..

A couple of weeks ago I was upstairs putting away laundry. Everyone else was downstairs and the following conversation ensued:

Maddie: (Hollaring up the stairs) Mama! Ah-yoo!

Me: I'm upstairs Muffin!

Maddie: (Pausing for a moment..) Mama! Ah-yoo!

Me: Muffin, I'm upstairs!

Maddie: Ah-yoo! Mama!!

Me: Maddie, I'm upstairs baby girl!

Maddie: (Pausing again......) Mama! Ah-yoo! TOO!!

Me: (Finally realizing what the heck she had been trying to tell me.) OHHH!!! Oh Muffin!! I love you too baby!! (Getting tears in my eyes. Wondering what the heck life was about before I had children. Amazed at the love I feel for these children.)

She has told me she loves me a few more times since then, and has also said it to her Dada too. They were wrestling around the other day and she stopped and looked him and told him "I la yoo Dada". I had to get a shovel and scrape his puddled remains off the floor.

In other news, AJ is talking a lot. He says Bah Bahh Bah Bah Bahhh all day long. And he sprouted his 2 bottom teeth. He is a very snuggly and smiley baby. He weighs 22+ pounds and is crawling like a champ. I think if his head weren't so gargantuan (like his Dada's), he'd probably be up and walking around already. Hahah!

We had a nice visit to Florida last week. Maddie had a wonderful time seeing our family, and having new adventures. She got to feed donkeys and pick oranges right off trees in the orange groves. I'll post pictures of that trip soon. They're on my new phone and I have to figure out how to get them to the computer. :)

Happy last minute holiday preparations!!


Paula said...

That is soooo sweet! Gman uses "I love you" and "I miss you" interchangeably. And sometimes together, even tho he's been with you all day.

Jenn Ann said...

"I had to get a shovel and scrape his puddled remains off the floor." LOVE it!

Queen B said...

awwwwwwwwwww! so sweet :)

Jane said...

Kids are great for the self esteem :)

KFuj said...

So sweet, I love it!!

Jinjer said...

So adorable! I love it, he was puddled! Such cute stories!