Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Miss Independent!!!!

This is a dada post.

Bianka's working tonight and I decided to put AJ to bed and have a movie night with my little girl. I was going to pop some popcorn but Maddie asked me not too.

Instead she got up off of the couch and walked into the kitchen. I knew this was going to be entertaining because she seemed so focused and determined for something. So I just leaned back against the kitchen sink and watched.

She began by opening the kitchen drawer that contains ziploc baggies and she helped herself to one. She's always needed my help to open ziploc bags but apparently not today! She opened the pantry door and walked in. She looked around for about 5-8 seconds before she spotted the enormous box of goldfish. We don't buy small boxes of goldfish. We buy the big gallon size box.

She reached up on to the shelf that's about 4 feet high, stood on her little tippy toes and grabbed the box. She then began filling up her baggie with goldfish. When I fill up the baggie I go about 1/3 of the way. I guess this measurement does not apply when she gets her own goldfish. It was almost like she was determined to see how many goldfish she could fit in the small ziploc bag.

Then being the tidy little lady that she is (she gets that from her father) she closed the box and stood back up on her tippy toes and returned the box to the same spot she got it from. Then she exited the pantry and closed the door. Never even looking up at me she walked back into the living room, crawled back up on the couch and continued watching her movie while stuffing her cheeks with goldfish. She acted like dada wasn't even there. It was like "I got dis dada!", "I don't need any help!", "I'm a big girl!"!

Can I please remind you all that she's 2!?! Not 6!!! Perhaps I need to remind HER of that!

Then when the movie was over she seemed focused again. So I sat on the couch and watched her work. She went to the DVD player and turned it off. She then reached up and turned the TV off. Then she went to the kitchen and turned the light off. Then she went to one of the two lamps in the living room and turned it off. Then she grabbed dada's hand and said "come on dada". Then we went to the second lamp and she turned that off. She pulled me upstairs to her room. I felt like I was about to get tucked into bed!


As if this was not enough shananigans for one evening, Miss Independent continues.

She went into her bathroom while I stayed in her room. She picked up her stool from the hallway and carried it into the bathroom. I could hear her as she set it in front of the toilet. Then I hear the toilet seat open. Then after about 45 seconds of commotion I hear the faint sound of some tinkling going on. Then I hear some more random sounds before I hear the sound of toilet paper ripping. Then the toilet flushes and the toilet seat closes quietly. The lights clicks off and she returns to her room.

Upon returning to her room Miss Independent turns the overhead light off (the lamp was on) and she crawls up in her chair ready to read books before bedtime!

I'm not entirely sure she needs dada anymore. Maybe tomorrow I'll teach her how to drive. Then I won't have to drive her to the playground anymore either.

Just another memorable night with dada and Little Miss Independent! I love her!


Queen B said...


I assume you still read the book to her??

Dada said...

Yep. She actually allowed me to do something for her! :)

Jane said...

It gets better every day :)

Jenn Ann said...

I was right...it was Jane and not another Jenn ;)

It won't be long before she's reading books to herself! Maddie is such a good little helper...can I borrow her?

Holly Kay said...

Oh, it's so beautiful to watch them learn new things and feel so proud of themselves...What a big evening she had:)

WunderMommy said...

Your daughter is similar to a fluffy dandelion :)))