Sunday, January 31, 2010

Then and now..

2 years ago I had a 2 month old baby girl. I asked everyone to wash their hands before holding her. I cringed when someone wore perfume and the noxious fumes were left on my baby's clothing. I washed every single toy and article of clothing she received before letting them touch her skin. I was absolutely mortified when my mother let her have a sip of restaurant water from a straw at 6 months old, because who knows where that ice had been!

Today.. I was nursing my 6 month old boy when the now 2 year old girl let me know that she had to go poopoo. I told her to go ahead. She danced around a little and I encouraged her a few more times to get going to the toilet. Once she got there she let me know that she didn't quite make it to the toilet and some had landed on the floor. I put the boy down on the bedroom floor (oh my!) and went to assist the girl. I poked my head back into the room to check on the boy. He had crawled himself over to my flip flop shoes and was chewing on one. I simply removed it and WIPED OFF MY SHOE.

My how far I've come.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what that puddle was on the floor next to that flip flop!!?!!
Love you!

Jenn Ann said...

I was only paranoid about hand washing when the boys were super skinny and I think that was practical. Now that they're chunk muffins, I worry less. We're not out and about since it's smack in the middle of cold and flu season AND people stop twins whenever they see them. However, after their 2 month Well Baby on Thursday, we will be going to many more public places. I just need confirmation that they are healthy and chunky enough. I'm less worried about germs than my overall, I'm pretty much a 2fer Mom - less paranoid than a first time, more cautious than a 2nd time. Wow this was a long comment for me to finally say... AJ will eat anything! Tony is still scared ;)

Jenn Ann said...

BTW, we need to get them together soon...time for their 2 month picture with AJ.

Kim Thomas said...

This is the best motherhood post of the year! LOL!

I am the product of six children and someone who grew up working in hospitals.

I had Sydney to Starbucks within 4 days and barely kept the anti-bacterial lotion handy.....with the H1N1 around I will be more careful this go-round but thats not saying much. LOL

Queen B said...

agree with Kim, love this post

germs are great... they build healthy immune systems :)

KFuj said...

This is too funny. I was sure Maddie just picked up the poop with her hands while AJ was chewing on the flip flop. Glad only AJ was chewing on the flip flop.

Great post!!

Paula said...

have a 3rd one. "They practically raise themselves."