Monday, April 26, 2010

Dada can handle a sick baby!!! (or can he?)

(Dada Post)
This morning when Maddie woke up she had a bad cough and was very warm. Unfortunately however my wife had to go to work tonight at 8pm leaving Dada home with a sick little girl.

My wife being the loving, caring (worried) mother that she is was texting me all evening. I told her to settle down and kept trying to convince her that her daughter was in good hands and that I was perfectly capable of taking care of my little angel that had a little cough.

Before I went to bed Bianka asked me to check on Maddie. So I did. Then she asked me if Maddie was hot. So I checked. Then she asked me to take Maddie's tempature. So I did. Well.... I tried. My wife bought one of those stupid digital forehead swiping thermometers. What happened to the good ole' days when we just stuck the thermometer up their butt!?! Just kidding!

Anyways! I kept taking her tempature with this....well.... gadget I suppose. Everytime it read between 74 and 84 degrees. So then I would test it on myself and it kept reading roughly the same. Stupid gadget!

So I gave up and just figured it was an error on the "gadgets" part. Then while I was brushing my teeth I noticed that the head of this "gadget" had a plastic cover over it to protect the sensor. Who knew? My wife didn't tell me that! How was I supposed to know? Grrrrrr. By the way those stupid "gadgets" work really well once you take the plastic sensor proctector thingy off.

So as usual I've stuck my foot in my mouth. I spent the whole evening telling my wife that our daughter was in good hands only to find out the Dada can't even take a baby's temperature correctly.

Personally, I blame it on the stupid "gadget"!!!!!


Jenn Ann said...

Yay for a Dada post! Though your inability to use the gadget combined with your love for Pretty Woman makes me question your masculinity even more. At least there wasn't an earthquake!

Queen B said...

hahahahahaha. I'm sure you did a fine job of feeling her forehead and gauging if she was hot or not :) It sounds like everyone survived, so I'd call it a success!

KFuj said...

I have one of those stupid gadgets too. Thanks for being that guy for me :-) I agree with you gadgets fault.

Jane said...

Its a good thing for dada, this way we can be in the know with the Bianka family.

Great post