Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happiness is...

Happiness is... my little girl with her bouncing curly pigtails, and her too big Barbie princess dress, dancing along with the dancing princess Barbies in her Twelve Dancing Princesses movie, turns around and takes my hands and says "Mama, dance with me."

Happiness is... my little girl Swiffering the whole kitchen floor while I put her brother to bed, spilling her full cup of milk, and having it all wiped up and clean before I even get downstairs.

Happiness is... my baby boy saying Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy... Buta Buta Buta Buta Buta Buta to me on my birthday, then to himself on his!

Happiness is... my daughter and son singing at the tops of their lungs in the back seat of the car. Out of tune. Different songs.

Happiness is... the quiet few minutes of snuggles when my children first wake up, before the 500 decibels of noise and mess begins.

Happiness is... when the 500 decibels of noise and mess begins.

Happiness is... goodnight kisses and hugs and I love you's called back and forth your whole way down the stairs.

I love you John, Maddie, and AJ!!!


Queen B said...


a great happiness list :)

KFuj said...

how sweet...what a wonderful happy list :D

Andrea said...

happiness is reading about what makes other people happy.

Jane said...

Cherish every moment!!

Jenn Ann said...

Too funny...I almost chose this very same background for my blog during my remodel...I haven't been on anyone's sites in a looooooong time (I just read posts in my reader).