Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner at my place

Typically dinner time at my house consists of AJ in his high chair shoved off to the side and throwing his food, Maddie walking laps around the table, me getting up countless times to get something else, and John answering a dozen text messages a minute.

The other night, though..... The other night... it was wonderful. I made healthy chicken nuggets (Out of the Eat-Clean series of cookbooks.. you've GOT to try it!) with real honey mustard dipping sauce. I pushed AJ's high chair right up against the table, Maddie sat across from him, John put his phone away, and everything that was needed was already at the table.

I looked at everyone and smiled and said "My whole family is at the table!" It made me so happy to have everyone there! The kids couldn't eat those nuggets fast enough. At one point, John got up to use the restroom though, and Maddie said "Mama your whole family is going pee pee." I think I'll start another series of Funny Things Kids Say.

After a few minutes AJ looked at Maddie and blew a raspberry. Maddie blew one back and soon they had each other cracking up in fits of baby giggles. I swooned with happiness.. John asked me if this is everything I always dreamed of. Yes, my dear husband! Giggles around the dinner table are absolutely a dream come true!