Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some updates.

I haven't written in a while. I just don't seem to have anything to write about! Nothing exciting seems to be happening right now. My belly is probably bigger, so I'll have to have John take a picture of it when he wakes up from his noisy slumber.

I visited a chiropractor for the first time in my life on Friday. So many people at the birth center recommended visiting one that I finally decided to give it a shot. I have always been sceptical of chiropractors. I almost view them as .. dare I say "quacks" of the industry. I didn't understand how manipulating someones spine could be the cure all for the diseases they had. You could say I compared chiropractors to mechanics. They'd tweak something that wasn't injured, so that you'd end up having to come back over and over again. Am I making sense?

Well, at the birth center classes that John and I are required to attend, they have guest speakers that talk for about 15 minutes after each of the classes. One of them was the chiropractor. He seemed like a nice enough guy.. his wife gave birth there at the labor center a few months earlier. He seemed to prefer a "natural" approach to healing and medicine (which by now you've come to realize I am a fan of.) My lower back, or rather my sacrum, had been popping loudly each time I rolled over in bed so with John's encouragement I decided to pay this chiropractor a visit. I was kind of starting to worry that my pelvis was going to totally separate itself from my spine, to be honest.

When I first got there the doctors associate interviewed me to find out the history of my bones and body. She confirmed that I have a mild case of scoliosis. She told me that my pain is not coming from my back but rather the back of my hips at a fancy joint that I do not at this time remember the name of. The loosening of these joints is all due to the relaxin hormone my body is producing, which I already knew, but it was nice to know that I wasn't falling apart. :) I just wanted that pain in my lower back to go away. She also told me I pronate my feet when I walk even though I have super high arches. I knew that too.

After she was done interviewing me I went to see the doctor that had visited the birth center. He had a break away table that allowed me to LAY ON MY STOMACH. Do you know how nice that was? I will visit him again just for that! Anyway, he used this instrument that tapped up and down my back from my skull to my tailbone. I am thinking "Whatever. Just a gimmick to make me believe that something is happening." Next he pressed down hard on my spine and made it crack. I am now thinking "John could have done that with a nice tight hug." He had me lay on my side and did a few twisty movements along with a few other manipulations. I then got up and he had me sit on an exercise ball for 10 minutes while rolling my hips around to loosen them up. My final thought when I left was "Well, at least it was a nice massage."

So I get home and bend over to empty out the dishwasher and suddenly realize "Holy cowbells! I can bend over and there is NO pinching in my back!" So maybe there is something to this chiropractic stuff. I figure I only have another 3 - 5 weeks to go, and it felt nice afterwards, so I might as well make another couple of visits. I guess he knew what he was doing after all.

What else can I tell you about? Oh! One of the midwives came to visit our home and said that it was a suitable place to have a baby. So now I'm getting the rest of the supplies together and just waiting to have a baby! Want to see the gigantic tub where I hope to deliver? Look..

That's Boris sitting in the tub when we first moved in. He was stressed out and needed someplace that felt secure I guess, and the tub was his choice. Keep in mind, he's a BIG CAT, so the tub is bigger than it looks. Look, the tub even has a seat for John to sit in while he's holding me through my contractions. John has decided (tentatively) that he wants to catch the baby as she is born. How awesome is that? To be the first person ever to hold your baby. Sigh..

I am reading over some of my old blogs and I will cover some of my prior topics for clarification. My swollen ankles have gotten better. I upped my water intake and that seems to have helped. My Mama sent me a few Newborn books, so I have started reading up on what to do with a baby once it is born! I'm still sleeping a lot, but that is probably the way things are going to be for a while. And by sleeping a lot I mean sleeping for 2 hours then getting up to pee, then sleeping 2 more hours and getting up to pee, etc., then taking a nap cuz I peed so much during the night.. So I'm not really sleeping a lot of hours, it's just taking up a lot of time. In a few weeks it will be sleep for 2 hours then get up to feed the baby, sleep 2 more hours then get up to change the baby.. etc. I am not constipated anymore. Yahoo! The baby's head has dropped down into my pelvis and all systems are go for birth! I will be 37 weeks pregnant on Friday. And the baby's name is standing strong as Madeline Kate. :)

Oh, those shoes that John got when we were in California? Soaking wet, possibly ruined. We shall see when they dry out. We were at a pool party last night hanging out. The host has what looks like a Scotti dog or something, maybe a little bigger. Doggy's name is Bruno. Bruno wanted pizza from everyone and apparently was walking backwards trying to get a morsel, then fell in the pool and sank like a rock. Bruno's nose made a trail of bubbles on the way to the bottom. A girl shouted "get him!". John threw his slice of pizza on the ground and jumped in after the sinking pooch. (With his shoes on.) Bruno was saved! Bruno sneezed a few times and then spent the next five minutes nuzzling John's leg while he sat at the edge of the pool. Bruno was thanking John for saving his life!

I guess that just about covers it as far as updates go! I'll be sure to have John take a belly picture in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!


Mama said...

Yay John for saving Bruno! Hope the shoes are still wearable after they dry out! Almost time for the baby to make her grand entrance! Can't wait!!!!!
Love you lots!

JennAnn said...

YAY for John!!!! He's gonna be a good daddy!! And of course you're going to be a great mom...once you figure out what to do with her :)

Neighbor Chris said...

So I came home and read through your entire blog... what a great gift for your daughter when she is older! Truly awesome. A day or so after I'd come home from having our oldest girl, I was feeling weepy and blue and panicky. I called my mom and said, "Mom, I just don't EVER want anything to happen to her!!!" My mom gently replied, "You're a mother, Chris..."
Welcome to the almost-beginning of the most amazing and scary and fulfilling experience of your life. You're gonna love it.

JennAnn said...

Belly picture pretty please??? Hurry before she makes her debut!